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Grab Your Passport! Why Europe Should Be Your Spring Break Destination

Casual young couple holding hands walking in Rome, Italy, Europe.
Written by Suzy Guese

This blog post was updated on May 1, 2020.

While traditional spring break destinations are all fine and well, some of us would prefer to go the non-traditional route. Spring break doesn’t have to just boil down to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. In fact, Europe makes a case for being the ideal continent to head to when you need that break come March, April, or May. Before the masses descend upon Europe for the summer, a spring break on the continent often means warming temperatures, spring blooms throughout parks and gardens, fewer tourists, and those attractive shoulder-season prices. Here are some reasons why you should grab your passport and book your next spring break in Europe!

You’ll Find Great Savings from Flights to Hotels to Car Rentals

By in large, traditional spring break destinations often mean spending more money. However, spring falls in the shoulder season of many popular destinations in Europe like France and Italy. The shoulder season in Europe translates not just into fewer crowds but great cost savings from airfare to hotels to car rentals. If you’re considering where to go for spring break, Europe should make the list just for cost alone.

You Won’t Have to Battle the Crowds

View on Grand canal with woman traveler in hat on Academia bridge in Venice.

Popular spring break destinations, especially beach and ski resorts, are often crowded with other spring breakers. Europe, by contrast, is decidedly less crowded. Not only is it more cost effective to visit in the spring but it is also easier to sightsee. You will often be able to enjoy world-renowned attractions like the Louvre or La Sagrada Familia without the long lines of summer. And those shorter lines often translate into fewer people in museums, churches, galleries, and historic sites, lending a more enjoyable experience.

European Cities Know How to Party

Happy male friends drinking beer and clinking glasses at bar. Europe

If you’re seeking a traditional spring break destination in the sense of wanting to let loose and have a good time, Europe is not all churches and museums. Many of the major cities know how to go toe to toe with the party-centric traditional spring break destinations. You can head to Spain where major cities like Barcelona and Madrid are known for their all-night, into-the-early-morning nightlifes. Berlin boasts world-famous nightclubs and legendary DJs and there’s no law around closing times for bars. Even in Dublin, you’ll find the pubs flowing with Guinness and live music into the early morning hours.

You Can Visit More Destinations in One Spring Break

Europe is filled with wondrous cities, cobblestoned villages, and glorious countrysides. You can often wake up in Paris in the morning and be in Switzerland by the afternoon. If you go with a spring break in Europe, you won’t be limited to just one set area or town like you would if you picked a beach resort in Cabo. You can purchase a EuRail pass or rent a car and cover multiple cultures and countries over a short week trip. Thanks to the fact that Europe is relatively compact, you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

You’ll See Europe in Bloom

Europe dazzles in the spring months as many of its formal and informal gardens start to pop with color. Wildflowers begin springing up, creating captivating scenes like in Greece where ruins come alive with color. Even in more formal settings, Europe impresses visitors with flowers. Arguably one of the best spots to head to in the spring is one of the largest flower gardens in the world — Keukenhof, about an hour outside of Amsterdam. The beautiful gardens boast more than 7 million bulbs and over 800 varieties of tulips. If you decide to make your spring break a bit later in the season, you can head to the renowned Chelsea Flower Show in the UK in late May or Italy for its flower carpet festivals, in which flower petals are used to create works of art in the streets of towns like Noto, Spello, and Genzano.

So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket and start brushing up on your French, Italian, or German so you can have an affordable, fun-filled break in the springtime!

Have you been to Europe in the spring? Share your favorite destinations with us in the comments below.

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