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Giving the Gift of Travel This Holiday

This blog post was updated on January 11, 2022.

Now that the feeling of being uncomfortably full has set in, most are gearing up for the next holiday. As Black Friday gets underway with 3AM store openings and pushy shoppers clutching their waffle irons and watches, some of us would much rather stay at home where it is safe from stampeding shoppers and so called “deals”. Searching for gifts online for travelers or those that just want to travel can be much more peaceful than braving the crowds.


Rather than putting a mound of presents under the tree, why not give the gift of travel this year to those with a serious case of wanderlust. From an emerald dream of a destination with rock bottom prices to airline gift certificates, travel makes for a gift that truly keeps on giving.


It may not be a tangible item, but the experience and vacation time can do wonders especially around the holiday season when we all need a break from relatives and mall crowds.


Hand Out Airline Gift Cards and Gas Cards: Sure a gift card to a friend’s favorite coffee shop or clothing store may seem appealing, but airline gift cards and gas cards can be much more exciting to the receiver. Gift cards on airlines can be a great way to get that friend or family member closer to getting out of town. Many of the cards allow you to put as little as $10 or as much as $1,500 on a card. Even if the amount knocks off just a little of the airfare, it can motivate the receiver to travel and use the card. Gas cards can help those looking to take a road trip soon, but that are hesitant about spending so much money on fuel.


Take a special someone to Ireland or other bargain destinations:
It is no secret that Ireland is in trouble. Not only can you feel good about visiting by contributing to the local economy, but also the country just may leave you with more in your wallet. Flights to Ireland are much more inexpensive from the United States than heading to other locales. Prices are lower around the country to compensate for financial woes. Many hotels have slashed rates to bring in visitors. If you are planning a trip outside the country, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get there and travel around, Ireland can be a great solution. However, you better bring that bargain coat you got at the Black Friday sales to deal with the weather.


Save money on buying gifts and gift miles you already have:
For those frequent fliers with more miles than they know what to do with, many airlines offer the gift of miles, allowing you to give your miles to someone else. If you are strapped for money this holiday season, yet have all these miles sitting around, you can gift them and not get a giant bill later.


Wrap up luggage and travel sized products: Not only do travel size products make for ideal stocking stuffers, but also they are extremely useful for every traveler out there. Perhaps it is just me, but I am often inspired by luggage and travel sized products. They motivate me to purchase tickets for my itchy travel feet just can’t take staring at an unused suitcase anymore. Luggage serves as a great gift of travel for most seldom think to get themselves a new bag. New Year, new luggage.


Guidebooks and Travel novels lend inspiration: Words are often the motivators for travel. You read about a place and suddenly you have to go. Guidebooks, travel novels and even works of nonfiction centered on travel can help those that can’t travel, do some mental vacationing. Once the mental vacation is over, the guides and books could lend necessary inspiration and information toward planning your next big trip.


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