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Get Hitched with One of These Offbeat Destination Wedding Ideas

Unique Destination Wedding Locations
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on July 19, 2019.

Your wedding day is supposed to be your special day — a moment for you and your life partner to share your commitment to each other with the world in your own way. Every wedding is unique, a little off the wall, and sometimes even outrageous. So why not start “the rest of your life” by tying the knot in a unique setting that represents the two of you perfectly and sets you apart from other couples?

If you’re combing the web for unusual and inspiring wedding destinations, seek no further! Check out this list of the most amazing destinations where people actually get married.

On Top of the World

Wedding on A Skyscraper_Unique Wedding Destination Ideas

High on love? Then how about planning a wedding with a panoramic view? Consider the opulent skyscrapers of Dubai such as Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and Burj Al Arab or Manhattan’s manmade marvels like the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. For a grounded wedding that’s still on an up, there’s Base Camp at Mount Everest in Nepal, the Andes of Peru, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park … you get the point.

Up in the Air about Your Feelings?

Hot Air Balloon Wedding_Unique Wedding Destination Ideas

If you’re going into a lifelong commitment you’re sure to have some lofty aspirations about how you’ll spend the rest of your life with your spouse. A wedding ceremony in a hot air balloon might be just the thing for expressing how being in love is like walking on air. Keep the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in mind for scenic and serene October weddings. For a fun “I do” in Florida, Characters in Flight does weddings over Downtown Disney. Balloons not your style? How about getting hitched in a helicopter or a plane?

Getting to the Bottom of Things

Wedding Party at Grand Canyon

More down to earth but no less sensational wedding ideas include having a ceremony at the bottom of the Grand Canyon or proclaiming the depths of your devotion at Lost River or Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Going underground with your vows can be done in style with a wedding in a wine cave in Napa or Sonoma Valley in California or in the vineyards of France, Spain, or any wine-producing destination.

A Cool Reception

Wedding on a Glacier_Unique Destination Wedding Ideas

Got cold feet? Blame it on the venue with a spectacular wedding atop a glacier in Alaska or the Italian or Swiss Alps, an ice hotel in Sweden or Finland, or perhaps on a cruise to Antarctica.

Landmark Occasion

Wedding on a Glacier_Unique Destination Wedding Ideas

What do San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the Great Wall of China, and the Coliseum in Rome have in common? They and so many other wonders of the world would make a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos.

Extreme Devotion

Wedding on a Rollercoaster_Unique Wedding Destination Ideas

Put your marriage to the test from the first kiss with an adrenaline-fueled wedding to remember with a dual bungee jump, a ceremony on a roller coaster, or at the beginning or end of a marathon. Just make sure to be safe and give the “till death do us part” vow plenty of time to take effect.

Wet and Wild Wedding

VisionDive / Shutterstock

Take the plunge with a scuba-themed wedding in the Caribbean. Say “I do” with a daring dive in a shark cage off the coast of South Africa. While in Africa, maybe you can have a wild safari wedding of your dreams. if you want to keep your wedding plans domestic but still not completely tame, why not get married at San Diego Zoo or perhaps at Yellowstone or any of America’s many National Parks?

Did you get married somewhere crazy? Are you planning your wedding now and weighing all sorts of offbeat options? We would love it if you shared your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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