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Long Flight Ahead? Here’s Ten Ways to Beat Boredom Onboard!

Written by Going Places
Granted, long flights can be incredibly boring…but only if you let them! As life gets busier, it’s wise to view long flights as a way to decompress and do all of the things that you don’t allow yourself to do when you’re on the ground. How, you ask? Check out these 10 great ways to beat boredom on a long flight and tell us all about it when you’re back!

Organize Your Phone

It doesn’t matter if you booked cheap flights to Hawaii, Florida, or Madrid…being stuck in a seat for more than 5 hours sucks. So, why not turn such an annoying scenario into an opportunity? You’ll find no better time than this to arrange your disorganized apps, worthless screenshots, and way too many open browser tabs. Setting up your phone is a quick but effective way to pass the time. Configure app sections, delete photos you won’t use, and clean up your trash and notifications. Sort your apps into categories based on their commonalities, then give your folder a self-explanatory name so you understand what it’s for. Experiment with a few different options before deciding what works best for you.

Read Up!

You know that list of books you’ve been wanting to read? A long flight is a perfect occasion to dive into a tome –or two! — and get lost in an interesting story. Don’t want to bulk up your carry-on with copies of War and Peace and Jane Eyre? Worry not! Just load up your tablet with your must-read books and magazines and you’re good to go.

Get Lost in a Movie

Peruse the inflight entertainment options or, better yet, bring your own movie or TV show on your tablet or laptop. There’s nothing more satisfying than binging through entire seasons of your favorite shows during overseas flights!

Practice the Art of Conversation

If you’re traveling with someone you know, pass the time by talking about everything you don’t have time to chat about during your everyday life. If you find yourself next to an interesting stranger, you can try to strike up a conversation with him/her if it flows naturally. Or, you can always pop in your earbuds and take a nap. This brings us to…

Catch Up on Correspondence

Long flights are the perfect time to write those thank you notes you’ve been putting off or respond to emails from friends and family. You can check these tasks off your to-do list while having the special people in your life tell you how happy they are to hear from you.

Catch Some ZZZZZ’s

You know the drill already. Get as comfortable as you can — those travel neck pillows can help — and snooze for a while so that you will be rested and ready to begin your trip when you land. We all understand how dull a long flight can be. While in-flight movies can pass the time for a few hours, your eyes will eventually get weary of looking at the screen. You will wonder what activity to do next, yet the journey is not even halfway. That’s why, sometimes, sleeping is the only way to go!

Plan Out the Trip to Your Destination

Ready to get started? Then have a look at your handbook…yes, including the dull sections about locations to access pharmacies and post offices. You can also download an app to assist you in mastering the fundamentals of a new language before taking off. A few basic terms will brighten your trip, and even if you don’t understand the language well, most people enjoy tourists who make an effort to interact. Duolingo, Babbel, and TripLingo are three of the best free language-learning apps for travelers. So get your Wi-Fi on and forget about those old-fashioned phrasebooks!

Clear Your To-Do List

You don’t need internet access to meet that specific goal on your to-do list. Not even a computer…sometimes, a seat and a small desk are all you need. Make a shopping list and a meal plan, list new work objectives for the interns, or even begin thinking about holiday gift possibilities. Prepare emails to send once you arrive, and finish the notes on that tedious report you have been putting off. It isn’t fun, that’s true. But it will definitely keep you occupied!

Bring a Puzzle Book

Reading while traveling is a great way to keep your brain busy. Reading a book will help you unwind and will add to those lovely, peaceful vibes of your long trip. If it happens to be a puzzle book, well, that’s even better. Start looking for the right words and filling the missing gaps, and without realizing it, you’ll be at your destination by the time you finish!

Exercise And Walk Around

It’s always recommended to look for some space in the plane during long flights to perform simple exercises. This will help you stretch your muscles and keep your blood flowing. Keep your legs properly oxygenated by practicing simple exercises like crossover leg lifts. These are simple, and you can perform them in the comfort of your seat. You just need to pass your right leg across your left one so that your right ankle is at your left knee, then raise it as you did previously. It’s that easy!

Have you ever tried any of these ways to beat boredom on a flight? Tell us how it went in the comments!

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