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Finding the Patience for Air Travel

This blog post was updated on July 30, 2021.

Being a redhead, patience tends to fly out the window the minute I fly. For most travelers, this can be the case no matter what their root color is. With full body scanners, ridiculous lines, and traffic jams that look like parking lots, travelers often lose their patience over the drop of a luggage tag.


And with red hair comes a need to quiet my temperamental ways and find a route around those tear-your-hair-out moments. With holiday travel approaching for many air travelers, here are some tips so as to not lose your patience on the way to the airport, at the airport or on the airplane.


Allow Extra Time: Even for the movies, I like to be a good 20 minutes early. Flying or even taking a train, I am the same way. It is a lot easier to lose your patience when you show up late only to find the plane has left without you or a long line meets you. If you allow extra time, you may be more patient with issues you could possibly encounter.


Educate Yourself On New Security Measures: In case you haven’t heard, November 24th is “Opt Out” day according to some movements, urging passengers to opt out of the full body scanners in place at airport securities across the nation. If you don’t fly all of the time, this may be your first experience with full body scanners. Love them or loathe them, you can always say no. This will lead to a full pat down. Many of these groups are calling for travelers to “opt out” so if you see a giant line at security, it could be for more than volume. Not knowing the new security measures in place can catch a passenger off guard, and yes cause them to throw patience out of the airport.


Sleep the Night Before Your Flight: I am often that person up until 2AM packing the night before a 5AM wake up call for a flight. Take care of all of your packing and ticket problems ahead of time. Relax and go to bed early. Travelers that lose their patience are often those that are tired and cranky. By eliminating the lack of sleep, you may have more tolerance for the rude ticket agents or pushing passengers.


Carry As Little As Possible: When I lose my patience at the airport, I am generally lugging too much luggage. While we squabble over baggage fees, sometimes they are worth it, especially when everyone and their grandma is attempting to carry-on just to save $20. Instead of fighting little old ladies for carry-on space or feeling like your back may fall off due to heavy luggage, sometimes checking a bag can help with air travel patience, eliminating sore shoulders or tension with other passengers when boarding.


Get Some Food and Drink: Crankiness often presents itself when you are hungry. You should never leave for the airport on an empty stomach. If you are delayed and stewing on that fact, it may be time to visit the airport bar. Food and drink often extinguish a short fuse.


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