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Fighting For Overhead Space? Boeing Upgrades to Roomy Bins on 737s

This blog post was updated on July 30, 2021.

It is an all too common scene on flights. Passengers scramble, even elbow at times to claim their coveted overhead bag space on airplanes. The scene can delay flights, make for bad seat neighbors and lend a chaotic feel to flying in general. Due to increases in baggage fees, more and more travelers are choosing to carry on their luggage, creating those cramped cabins, delayed takeoffs and at times, grumpy fliers.

However, Boeing is attempting to change the scene at boarding and landing with the recent announcement to increase its overhead bin size by 50%. The roomier overhead bin design will be featured on 737s, lending passengers more room to store their belongs on flights.

Boeing made the announcement at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, ABC News reports. The roomier upgrade will lower the bin lip height, making it easier to gain access to belongings from below. The new bins also provide added visibility in order to reduce the risk of forgotten items on 737s.

Boeing boasts that the new design will help with the overall baggage brawl that occurs when boarding as passengers vie for overhead bin space. The roomier bins can hold six standard sized bags. The current Next Generation 737s in use today can only hold 4 standard size bags.

While seemingly a slight change, Boeing’s upgrade could have large implications. Passengers would have more space for bags, leading to fewer gate checked bags or tussles over the overhead space. In addition, flights could take off on time that are at times delayed due to flight attendants and passengers trying to cram bags into any bin space available.

Boeing has stated that the new overhead bins will first make their first appearance on Alaska Airlines flights. The company also plans to upgrade older model 737s with the new overhead bin design.

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