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Crucial Things to Remember for Your Summer Destination Wedding

Happy newlyweds walk from wedding altar on the sea shore
Written by Dhinesh Manuel

This blog post was updated on July 12, 2019.

You’re all set to be that blushing bride or gushing groom on your big day at your destination wedding this summer. But have you given thought to some often-overlooked points when tying the knot at an exotic location? Here are 5 things you should keep in mind for your big day.

Rules and Regulations Around Your Wedding Location

newly married couple embracing each other with the red Chinese sky lanterns in the background.

Want to try something unique for your wedding? Well before you organize some pyrotechnics or set off a hundred sky lanterns into the air on a beach, you need to check with the property owners if you’re not breaking any rules. Something as seemingly harmless as having your wedding videographer use a drone to capture aerial shots might turn out be something that’s violating the law in that particular area. Make sure you know ALL the rules that hold sway at your location.

Make Sure You Dress for Comfort

Bride and flower girl stand on a sandy beach.

Yes, you may have opted for that massive dress with a long train that matches the ones all your bridesmaids will pack for their flights to Montego Bay, but think twice about your choice if you’re going to be exchanging vows on a sweltering beach. Guys also need to be appropriately dressed for the weather (linen suits for beach weddings are very efficient at keeping you comfy and looking great). Make sure you go for light and airy, and you won’t go wrong.

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Stay Hydrated

young luxury gorgeous happy bride and groom on the background of sunny city

As obvious as it may seem, you’d be surprised how many young soon-to-be-weds get sidetracked by all the excitement and activity during their big day and forget to drink some liquids to keep their bodies hydrated. This is even more important if you’re outdoors during the summer. Get your bridal party to give you constant reminders, and while a little gin in that lime juice won’t hurt, make sure you don’t let the booze take over and wilt you before you say “I do”!

Use Shade Wisely

Wedding decorations with flower on the background of the sea

Are your guests going to be toasting under a hot Moroccan sun for hours till your ceremony’s over? Will you and your significant other be squinting through crucial photos? Knowing where you and your guests will be in relation to the sun can be crucial.

Make an Itinerary for Your Guests

Guests congratulating bride

You might have run yourself exhausted with all the planning for your hot destination wedding, but don’t forget the family and friends who have to make the journey to get there. Make it an extended experience that they can enjoy by giving them a little itinerary of things to do and see at your wedding destination. You can also organize useful little gifts, like spa vouchers at the location of your wedding.

Got any other important tips to keep in mind for a summer destination wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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