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Cancun: When to Go, When to Not

This blog post was updated on January 27, 2022.

Cancun is one of the most popular Mexican destinations for North Americans with its resort vibe, relatively cheap flights and tons of sun.


When it comes to getting out in a tropical environment where fun is on the menu, Cancun becomes a top option. Is there ever really a bad time to visit Cancun?


Yes, and no.  The majority of the year sees warm or hot weather (60s to 80s Fahrenheit), so if it is cold you’re escaping then Cancun will suffice.


But what about the heaps of college-aged kids that flock to the city for spring break?  What about hurricanes and just over-the-top humid weather?  What about too many people?


Depending on what you’re after, then there can be a bad time to go to Cancun.  If you’re after a quieter escape to the beaches of Mexico, you’ll want to avoid August as that would be peak vacation time for North Americans.  You’ll also want to avoid mid-February to the beginning of April as spring break goers will be causing a ruckus in every which direction.  On the other hand, those seeking a party should go during these times, but just don’t be that creepy old guy (or gal) hanging around the 18 year olds.


Besides the heat and humidity of the summer months in Cancun, the one thing that can really put a downer on your travel plans would be a hurricane.  Hurricane season runs from June to November, so you can consider yourself at risk of encountering a big storm if traveling south during those months.  Of course, hurricanes don’t always hit, and they don’t always land as hurricanes.  You will just have to keep an eye on the weather (you should see it coming) and consider a good trip cancellation plan in case one does make its presence during your holidays.


When considering all of the above factors, the prime months for travel to Cancun might just be December and April.  December would be after hurricane season, but before the big spring break travelers start to hit.  April would be after spring break and before the major wet season strikes (it will be hot, though!).  In addition, the lower season could bring more favorable prices.  Although not as great as the low prices during the months of September and October, the weather will not be nearly as rainy.


What does this mean for you?  It means it is time to start planning your Cancun holiday!  December is coming up pretty fast, so you better start searching for cheap flights to Cancun and work fast to find the best hotel rates.


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