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Beyond Spring Break Parties – Exploring the Other Side of Cancun’s Tropical Paradise

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

Year-in and year-out, Cancun is one of the most popular places for Spring Breakers to head.

With its tropical weather, stunning beaches, and party-till-dawn nightlife scene, it’s easy to see why people clamor for cheap flights to Cancun this time of year.

But, there’s more to Cancun besides the partying. A lot more. For those looking to expand their horizons and make a spring break vacation into an exploration, it can be done.

And, don’t worry; there will still be plenty of time for sunning, swimming and sipping cocktails.

Explore the Jungle: There are plenty of ways to get outside of the city and head into nature. Cancun may be a beach area, but there are also jungles and reefs that offer gorgeous outlets to experience something beyond just crashing surf. Hop on a two-person boat and head out in to the Nichupte lagoon mangroves, or take a canopy expedition. There are even Hummer tours that bounce passengers through jungle roads.

Get Cultured: Cancun may have a rep for being a party place, but just outside of the nightclubs is another world where history is the main attraction. Visit Xel-Ha, an ancient Mayan city and wander through the past in the Temple of Frescoes, Temple of the Descending God, or even take in the view of el Castillo, perched on a cliff with views of the coast below. There’s also Tulum, Chichén Itzá and Coba, areas brimming with Mayan ruins. There’s even an option to head to Isla Mujeres, a turtle farm, where visitors can wander and learn about these magnificent creatures.

Burn Calories: Sure, cold beers can be a part of this adventure, but don’t have to be the main attraction. Rent a bike, hope on a jet ski, scuba or snorkel on the reefs or rent a boat and motor around the Caribbean coastline. Or, rent a personal submarine. This space-age looking device let’s people plunge 20 feet below the sea and explore the reefs on their own “submarine.” For those who prefer to be on ground or above water, a quick drive from Cancun is the chilled-out fishing village of Puerto Morelos to explore.

Head to a Wet ‘n’ Wild: Sure, water may be the main attraction at this 18-acre park, but it also includes thrills and fun. With nine different water installations to enjoy, plus a chance to swim with dolphins and snorkel with nurse sharks, this popular attraction is an option when the surf is too harsh. Or, the beach is too crowded.

Shop: There are plenty of markets, complete with pushy sales people, to help spend an afternoon. Be warned – the vendors are aggressive, so don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal.


CC Flickr photo credit: H. Michael Miley 

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