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Let Us Be Your Guide: the Best Travel Guidebooks to Entertain & Educate You on Trips!

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Written by Gabby Teaman

If you love travel as much as we do, you definitely need to add some travel inspiration to your bookshelf. While some may think of travel guidebooks as being old-fashioned or boring, we’re here to prove that that couldn’t be further from the truth! Not only will you learn a lot about your favorite destinations, but you’ll also be able to plan out your next trip with ease and even be entertained along the way! Who says travel guide books have to be boring? With these six splendid travel guides, you’ll be your own expert in no time!

Learn Lots from Lonely Planet

Couple Reading Travel Guide Book

Lonely Planet has been around for a while, and for good reason too. Started by married couple Maureen and Tony Wheeler in the 70s, Lonely Planet is known for its thoroughly researched travel guides for hundreds of destinations. If you want to become a true expert before you book your cheap flights, you’ll want to read up with one of these handy guides. They even came out with the bestselling The Travel Book – a comprehensive look into each country with advice on where to eat, stay, and visit. Or, you can pick up a copy that focuses on your dream destination.

Delve Into DK Eyewitness Books

Friends Using Travel Guide Book

The DK Eyewitness travel guide was named one of the top guidebooks for the 2020 Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards. Their travel guides are known for their beautiful photographs, illustrations, and short but sweet reviews. DK has over 200 destinations covered, from Italy to Ireland. The clean and modern format is pleasant to look at it and will make planning your adventures educational and entertaining. Say goodbye to those bulky, old-fashioned travel guides. These are light and easy to carry around with you on your trip and will inspire your next Instagram post.

Read Up On Travel With Rough Guides

Couple Using Travel Guide Book

Keeping to its name, Rough Guides will give you a brief but informative rundown on all things travel. You can even purchase an Ebook so you can stay informed while you’re on the go. The author, Mark Ellingham, is known for his honest and hilarious reviews along with others written by hundreds of independent reviewers, so you’ll laugh while you learn. You’ll also have access ti color-coded maps, a comprehensive directory of each destination, and detailed pre-departure info. What more could you ask for in a travel guide?

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Make the Most of Your Trip With Marco Polo

Group of Friends Reading Travel Guide Book and Map

Marco Polo is not only a great travel guide, but it also comes along with the Touring app where you can access free maps and routes! But, don’t worry about having shoddy WiFi while you’re away; the app allows you to access everything offline as well. Another fantastic feature of Marco Polo is the focus on the things you can do for free during your travels. If you don’t have enough room for a big book, you can purchase a pocket-sized guide. There are also special editions available, like Phrasebooks, which include cheat sheets for popular phrases in your destination’s native language, beautiful travel journals, and a Spiral Guides version which includes a map-based itinerary! So no matter your situation, you can’t go wrong.

Travel Wisely With Time Out City Guides

Boy With Travel Guide Book

While these Time Out guide books are mainly focused on cities, they’re still a great pick for planning out your next travel adventure. Whether you’re heading to London or Lisbon, you’ll want this highly rated guide. If you opt for the full guidebook, you’ll be sure to wow all your friends once you’ve achieved extensive knowledge of the city’s architecture and history. If you’re looking for a more short and snappy guide, there are pocket-sized ones as well that focus on each city’s highlights. You’ll enjoy the advice and reviews by locals and writers alike.

Build Up Your Knowledge With Blue Guides

Woman With Travel Guide Book at Museum

With a focus on detail and extensive research, Blue Guides are a classic for a reason. These handy travel guides have been around for over a century, and there’s good reason for it. If you’re not afraid of heavier reading and lots of details, dive into a Blue Guide and you’ll feel like an expert on the location that interests you. Each destination has its own character, and Blue Guides do a great job of expressing that in each of their guides. You can also choose a digital or print edition, depending on your preference.  With Blue Guides, you’ll have access to expertly detailed glossaries, architectural blueprints, and award-winning maps.

So, did we leave any off the list? Which travel guides do you recommend? Tell us in the comments below!

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