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Best of OneTravel: 2014

This blog post was updated on September 5, 2018.

Best of OneTravel: 2014


Reading over my OneTravel blog posts from the past 12 months, I’d kinda blown away to see all the amazing adventures I went on and got to write about. Here’s a look back at a handful of my favorite reasons to hit the road in 2014. Here’s to more great travel in 2015!

Tops Sightsand Sounds Around Muscle Shoals, Alabama
April 5th
Nestled along the banks of the Tennessee River, the area of Muscle Shoals in northwest Alabama is a nature lover’s dream. It’s a music lover’s dream too, where a small handful of recording studios have been responsible for some of the biggest hits in popular music over the past half century. Visitors to the area soon find out it’s a fantastic place for fans of modern architecture, and historic buffs too.

7 Sound Suggestions for Listening to Live Music in Louisiana
July 22nd
The state of Louisiana is home to a rich musical tradition. Blues, funk, jazz, zydeco, rock ‘n’ roll, country – it’s all-American music and every style has its roots in this corner of the world. Headed down to Dixie for a taste of live music but in a jam as to where you should go?

Aberlour and the World’s First Outdoor Whisky Art Gallery
August 7th
Back in May, single malt whisky makers Aberlour launched the world’s first outdoor whisky art gallery. Not so long after, I got the chance to check the exhibition when I paid a visit to the distillery. Set on an idyllic stretch of babbling brook winding its way to Aberlour’s historic distillery, the exhibition aims to capture “the individual elements that together result in one of Scotland’s most famous exports.” And I reckon it certainly succeeds in doing so.

6 Exceptional Museums in Basel
July 10th  
For a city of only about 200,000 people, Basel boasts more museums than cities with more than ten times its population. From the Anatomical Museum of the University of Basel (which was founded by Professor Carl Jung – yes, the Carl Jung) to the Vitra Design Museum (which is actually just outside the city and across the border in Weil am Rhein, Germany), there’s something for everyone.

Athens,Greece: Street Art City
September 30th
Athens, Greece is probably best known for its ancient sites like the Acropolis and for being a starting point for any number of island hopping excursions. But there’s another more current and vibrant reason to pay this age-old city a visit – it’s home to one of Europe’s most active street art scenes.

5 Scan-tastic Reasons to Visit Sweden’s Koster Islands
October 10th
Back at the onset of autumn I had the pleasure of visiting the Koster Islands, Sweden’s most westerly populated (if only sparsely) islands. Just south of the Norwegian coast, it’s a rugged and beautiful part of the world and a great place to “get away from it all” without having to give up on any creature comforts. The scenery is amazing, the food is phenomenal, the traditional fishing villages about as quaint as it gets, and the folks living there are incredibly friendly and down to earth.

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