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Beer, Ghosts and Harvest Events! Best Fall Attractions in the U.S.

Fall is an appealing time to travel. Not only are there fewer crowds compared to summer, but prices begin to drop for the season as well. In addition, travelers can find a wealth of attractions across the United States, specifically taking place for the autumn season. From hoppy beer festivals to ghost tours, here are just a few of the best fall attractions taking place across the country.

Ghost Tours: Throughout the fall season, ghost tours seem to be more and more appropriate with Halloween on the horizon. Perhaps one of the spookiest is the Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour. The tour takes guests on a haunted journey through the Civil War battlefield, at night and by candlelight. If you aren’t too spooked after Gettysburg, Salem also hosts a ghostly tour with its Salem Witch Walk. The tour points out spooky sights in town, including arguably the most haunted graveyard in America. Heading down south, travelers can ride around in a hearse to see Savannah’s ghostly attractions on a Savannah Hearse Ghost Tour. Over in Tombstone, Arizona, the Tombstone Gunfighter and Ghost Tour visits the ghost town’s haunted sites including the Bird Cage Theater.

Harvest Festivals: Autumn is harvest time, meaning many spots across the country host harvest festivals. Held for decades, the National Apple Harvest Festival in the tiny town of Arendtsville, Pennsylvania pays tribute to all things apple. You can bob for apples, drink cider and even scoop up some freshly picked apples to take home. The event is held throughout the first two full weekends in October. In addition to Arendtsville, Portland, Maine puts on a harvest festival worth attending. The four-day Harvest on the Harbor celebrates Maine’s local delights. The event includes the Maine Lobster Chef of the Year Competition.

Beer Festivals:
Nothing quite says fall like crisp ales and hoppy IPAs. Beer festivals tend to spring up more in the fall than any other time of year in the U.S. Denver boasts one of the largest in the fall, the Great American Beer Festival. The event hosts over 2,000 beers from more than 400 brewers. If you can make it up to Yakima, Washington in early October, you can toast to the Fresh Hop Ale Festival. Known as one of the premier hop growing regions in the world, the town celebrates truly fresh hops for this fall beer festival. All beers served are brewed in the early Fall at the peak of harvest.

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