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An Unusual Cup of Joe: 4 Unique Coffee Shops To Get Your Caffeine Fix

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

A cup of coffee is no longer just a cup of coffee. Today’s coffee shops are brewing up something unusual, even something strange if you are used to simply pouring your standard cup of Joe. From coffee houses that are part bicycle shop to those that infuse their coffee with Coca-Cola or shut off the Wi-Fi, here are four unique coffee shops across the country to get your caffeine fix.

Heritage Bicycles General Store:
When you bike up a storm and really need a cup of coffee to keep you pedaling, Chicago answers with its Heritage Bicycles General Store. This unusual coffee shop is part caffeine paradise and part bicycle fix-it shop. You can have your flat tire fixed and also fulfill your caffeine fix at Heritage Bicycles General Store. In addition to building custom bikes, the shop also produces custom beverages for every person who pedals on through the door. Heritage Bicycles General Store sets up on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.

Café Grumpy:
Appropriately named for someone in need of an espresso jolt, Café Grumpy boasts several locations in New York City. The coffee shop has become known for its roasts from Ethiopia and Honduras and its cameos. Café Grumpy plays a role in the HBO series Girls. While on the surface, Café Grumpy doesn’t seem all that unusual, it is different in terms of its clientele. As only one location has Wi-Fi, you won’t find those camped out with laptops for hours on end. You can also grab a book from the café’s own book exchange if you need a little reading material to keep you busy without an Internet connection. The first Café Grumpy began on Merserole Avenue in Brooklyn.

Blue Bottle: Started in Oakland, California, Blue Bottle can sometimes leave you wondering if you accidently wandered into a science experiment. The drip coffee is prepared with all sorts of tools that could be mistaken for the instruments on a mad scientist’s laboratory table. However, the result is some of the freshest coffee around. All beans at Blue Bottle are sold within 48 hours. The Webster Street location even boasts free public coffee tastings on Sundays. Blue Bottle can also be found across the Bay Area, New York and Los Angeles.

Octane Coffee House and Lounge: One of Atlanta’s most revered coffee makers is easily Octane Coffee House and Lounge. With three locations across Atlanta, you can get your coffee fill in a generally collegiate atmosphere. What makes Octane Coffee House a little bit different than most coffee houses is an item on its menu. While you can also ask what’s brewing that day, the Americola has a place on the menu everyday. The concoction is Atlanta through and through, an espresso and sugarcane Coca-Cola brew.

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