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Dreading Your Long Flight? These 6 Airlines Offer Some of the Best Inflight Entertainment!

Couple Watching Movie on Flight
Written by Gabby Teaman

If you’re like most passengers, sitting back and enjoying a good movie (or two…or three) is one of the best ways to kill time on a flight. Perhaps you’re an anxious flyer and prefer to be distracted while high up in the sky, or maybe you’ve got little kids to entertain. Either way, when choosing which airline to fly with, you may be wondering what are some of the best airlines for inflight entertainment? After all, being able to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, or music (or maybe even discovering something new!) during a long flight can make or break your travel experience. No matter where you’re flying to, there’s bound to be an airline with the perfect entertainment options for you.

Qantas Airlines

Girl On Laptop Flight

Qantas Airlines boasts an impressive selection of TV shows and movies that will be sure to keep you and your little ones busy. Whether you’re dying to see the latest live-action version of a beloved animation classic or you’d rather experience a nostalgic throwback, there’s no shortage of Disney movies for kids (and adults too, of course). By downloading the airline’s free app, passengers have access to tons of the latest movies and TV shows, and some planes even have high-speed Wi-Fi! You can jam out to your favorite playlist on Spotify, or listen to the latest new thriller on Audible. No matter how you decide to fill your time, you’ll be thoroughly entertained and maybe even forget that you’re trapped thousands of feet in the air for several hours. Once you’ve found the best-priced airline tickets for your trip, plan out your meals in advance with Qantas’ online menu, where you could dine on delicious seasonal dishes as you sip wine from the airline’s very own wine cellar.

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Emirates Airlines

Girl Smiling With Headphones on Plane

Have you ever needed to fly but felt major FOMO about missing the big game or the latest presidential debate? Well, don’t fret. Emirates Airlines is pulling out all the stops to make sure their passengers are always in the loop while in the lap of luxury. You’ll be able to catch up on all your sports, news, and weather updates right from your screen. If that’s not enough, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite podcast, song, or radio station. You’ll also enjoy two hours of free text messaging through iMessage, WhatsApp, and other apps, as well as access to over 4500 channels in multiple languages full of music, games, movies, and TV shows. Sit back and relax in the airline’s beautiful, modern cabin and choose from the latest movies. Or, when you’re tired from all that movie-watching, you can listen to music from all over the world – as well as different eras and genres; they even have film soundtracks! Before you board, check out Emirates’ inflight entertainment system, called ice, beforehand and scope out this fully-stocked selection so you can plan out your airborne movie marathon. Hey, what else are long flights for?

Singapore Airlines

Man Using iPad on Flight

If you’re ready to splurge (and we mean splurge), Singapore Airlines offers beautiful inflight suites with a crazy comfy bed (yes — you read that right), your own sliding door, and a ton of extra space all to yourself. You can even get your own bathroom perfect for pampering with its vanity, lotions, and facial mists. Singapore Airlines boasts 1,800 entertainment options with games, movies, TV shows, music, and more! If you’re tired of watching movies, entertain yourself by playing games like Mickey’s House Party (we won’t judge), Sudoku, or Tetris. If you opt to bring your own devices, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery as some of the aircraft comes with its very own outlets. For passengers flying business class, tablets are available to loan for longer flights. If you’re a frequent flyer, you can even save your movie and music preferences with your KrisFlyer account. With this amount of luxury, you won’t ever want your flight to end.

Delta Airlines

Kid Watching Show On Plane

Delta Airline’s selection of TV shows and movies is perfect for families with young kiddos and will keep them thoroughly entertained for hours on end. The airline even has its own (cutely-named) app called Speakaboos which features TV shows, stories, and sing-alongs for your little ones. For the adults on board, Delta offers a wide array of Emmy-winning shows available on-demand so you could catch up on all the latest episodes. This way, you won’t have to worry about having your favorite show spoiled for you while you’re on vacay! Once you download the free GoGo app, you’ll be able to connect to Delta’s Wi-Fi as soon as your plane takes off.

Turkish Airlines

Girl Staring Out Plane Widow With Headphones

If you’re flying with Turkish Airlines, treat yourself to their extensive music library. With world-renowned Universal Music Group as their partner, they’re able to provide a diverse listening experience for their passengers with over 750,000 songs in their extensive library. Plus, they even have live concerts, so you can close your eyes and pretend like you’re rocking out to your favorite performer live instead of sitting up in the clouds. If you forgot to bring your book with you in your carry-on (we’ve all been there), you can listen to literary classics available for download via audiobook. And of course, there’s also a nice selection of movies and games for passengers young and old alike. With the option to connect any of your devices to Wifi, you can check your emails or surf the web while you’re flying. Turkish Airlines also takes pampering seriously — on certain flights, you can even freshen up with the airline’s amenity kit, packed with a toothbrush, toothpaste, sleep mask, socks, and lip balm.

Etihad Airways

Woman Smiling on Flight

If you thought that having your own personal butler, chef, and chauffeur on a plane is something out of Hollywood, think again. Etihad Airways provides the very best for its customers with its extravagant three-room apartment on-board available for purchase, complete with its own refreshments cabinet and custom-made mattress so passengers can kick back, relax, and enjoy their favorite movies and shows at the height of luxury. But, you don’t have to fly first-class to experience the luxury this airline has to offer. Even Etihad’s economy class offers blankets, fresh food, children’s meals, and an option to get a whole row of seats to yourself, or even just some extra legroom. Wi-Fi packages are available for purchase so you could stay in touch with family and friends or even make phone calls in the sky, and you’ll be able to plug in all of your devices when you run out of battery. You can also enjoy browsing through Atlas Magazine or you could tune into Etihad’s very own Apple music playlist. Grab some popcorn and catch up on the latest NFL or rugby game. Just make sure not to cheer too loud when your favorite team wins!

Ever been on a flight with an awesome selection of movies, TV shows, or music? We want to hear about it in the comments below!


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