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Airlines Cancel Libya Service Amid Uncertainty

This blog post was updated on November 10, 2021.

The list of airlines cancelling service to Libya continues to grow as the country descends even further into chaos.


As of Thursday, many European and Middle Eastern airlines, including Lufthansa, British Airways, Emirates, and Qatar Airways have suspended service to Libya.


While opposition forces now control many eastern cities, President Muammar Qaddafi has vowed to fight to the death, ordering soldiers to fire on civilians.


The dire situation has forced many countries like the United States and China to attempt a sea evacuation of citizens, ferrying rescue vessels across the Mediterranean.


As the Libya’s future remains uncertain, airlines are varying the lengths of service disruption. Lufthansa and British Airways won’t fly in Libya until next week, while Emirates has canceled all flights through March 26. Qatar Airways announced an indefinite suspension of service.


Source: Businessweek

Image: LA Times

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