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A Very Vegas Guide to Non-Resort Bars

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

Why should visitors just stay at their resorts after arriving on flights to Las Vegas?


Just a few steps from some of the casinos are some hidden gems in Las Vegas, perfect for people curious to see what life is like outside of the mega-resorts on The Strip.


After checking into a resort and doing some on-site investigating, leave the property and grab a drink.


For those who want a more Vegas experience than sidling up to the casino bars, there are options that don’t take visitors too far from The Strip (in fact, many of these bars are on The Strip), but gets them out of the resorts and into a more “real” Las Vegas.


Start at The Peppermill. This old Vegas haunt brings in locals and tourists. The best time to go is late night for the great people watching, but anytime is a good time to grab a drink. Part-restaurant, part-lounge, The Peppermill takes people back to a time when the themed resorts weren’t even a glimmer. Head to the lounge to enjoy cocktails served by woman in long black dresses. Sit by one of the fire pits and enjoy some appetizers or a meal. Then, leave the old Vegas behind and head down the street to Dino’s.


Dubbed the “last neighborhood bar in Las Vegas,” Dino’s gives revelers a chance to mingle with locals in a decidedly relaxed environment. It gets crowded relatively early by Vegas standards, thanks to its popular weekend karaoke, but it’s definitely worth a visit. After grabbing a cheap drink at Dino’s, take a cab and go down to the Arts District 18B. Located on and around Charleston Blvd. and Casino Center Drive, there are a few bars that are worth stopping in.


Bar + Bistro has a popular weekend brunch, but it’s also got a great nightlife scene, too. The restaurant serves pretty decent food, but there’s also the huge outdoor patio. Depending on the night of the week, there’s open mic outside, fire pits, games and a general party atmosphere. Step inside and enjoy the art that makes this part of town the place to be on the first Friday of every month.

Following Bar + Bistro, head across the parking lot to The Artifice. The new kid on the block, The Artifice is hip and chill. With hand-painted art on the walls and a rotating door of bands entertaining, this bar is always packed. It’s also become the darling for locals, brining in people not just from Downtown, but from the ‘burbs, too.


If there’s still energy, hop in a cab and head Downtown to Downtown Cocktail Room. Here, the bartenders are also masters of the cocktail and the menu offers some startling combinations of flavors that actually taste amazing. The dimly lit, intimate bar has couches and tables to enjoy a drink or snack. Plus, it’s got a great chill vibe perfect for unwinding after a flight. It’s also a place you will find locals by the droves.

For the truly adventurous, head over to Double Down Saloon. The bar is ripe with personalities, ranging from conventioneers checking it out because they are told it’s a must in town, to young punks just getting into the music scene in Vegas. Be sure to stop into the restrooms – covered in graffiti and stickers, they are a sight to see.


“Las Vegas bar,” Flickr image credit: Alexandre Ferro

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