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A Tour on a Trike: Ride a Harley Through the Rocks

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

Tour operators seem to be searching for any which way to differentiate themselves from the crowd.  One that really stands out to me in particular is a tour on a trike… a Harley trike, that is.


Just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of riding through the Rocks district in Sydney while on the back of a Harley trike.


Think leather jackets, biker helmets, and a revving engine, but all while on a 3-wheeled Harley.  Interesting doesn’t even begin to describe the experience.


For travelers booking flights to Australia, this unique style of sightseeing is definitely recommended.


My boyfriend and I met the tour guide on the edge of the Rocks Markets on a Saturday afternoon, and he was done up in his typical leather vest and helmet.


He fitted us each out with our own leather jacket, which not only protected our skin but also made us look the part, and a helmet before setting off!  Yes, I did feel just a teensy bit awkward as various onlookers watched my every move, but I’m pretty sure it was just because they were jealous of how cool we looked in our biker gear.


For 30 minutes, the wind blew against our helmets (not through our hair) while getting a open-air view of the gorgeous scenery down near Sydney’s harbour.  We whipped around the corners of Sydney’s oldest sections, zipped across the bridge and through the tunnel, and dashed to various Sydney vantage points I had never been to before.  Our guide and driver made sure to elaborate on all the hot spots and points of interest along the way.


If 30 minutes isn’t long enough, you can participate in Harley trike tours that go for a few hours and include lunch or even a skydive.  Venture over to Sydney’s scenic blue mountains, or head south on the Grand Pacific Drive towards Wollongong.  Enjoy a trip for two, or choose to go solo on the back of a single bike.


Several Harley tour companies operate in the Sydney area, but the one I used was Rolling Thunder.  Overall, I think that a Harley trike tour is suitable for any type of individual that wants a unique experience and a unique way to view the area.  However, motorcycle enthusiasts will get the most bang for their buck!

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