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A Gift Guide for Travelers

Written by Chris Osburn

We all have people in our lives who love to travel just as much as we do. Whether it’s family or friends, we know you’ll be thinking about what to gift these savvy travelers this holidays. Well, to make your life easier, here are five considerations to keep in mind as you make your lists.

Where Ya Off to Next?


One way to make sure that you give a gift in line with the travel plans of family and friends is to ask them where they’re planning to go. Once you know that, you can come up with presents they will appreciate.

Are they going somewhere wintry? Gloves, scarves, or boots might be a good idea. Beach break? Sunglasses or a pair of flip-flops should come in handy. Long haul flight? Few frequent flyers would scoff at a neck pillow or noise cancelling headphones. Overseas? A universal adapter is a must!

Lightweight Problem Solvers


Did you pick up on what all the gifts suggested above have in common? They’re all lightweight and easy to pack. Think about how heavy Santa’s sack must be this time of year? Why add to his burden when you can find ways to lighten his load and make his travels less stressful?

When shopping for the avid traveler think: reusable, collapsible, compact, and economic.

A sturdy water bottle is a great gift that helps cut down on the cost and waste of buying disposable bottles during any trip. Foldable bags come in handy when traveling with a small suitcase. Solar power banks are practical for on-the-go folks who need to stay connected with others through their devices but might not always be able to plug in to charge.

Go with What They’ve Got


Does your gift recipient own a camera? Maybe they could use a new lens, neck strap, bag or other accessory? Do they own and love something particular that looks like it’s on its last legs or in need of replacement? Giving them a newer version of something that you know they already enjoy, shows you’re clued in on their interests. Do they seem to love certain brands or shops? Gift cards aren’t necessarily the most creative of gifts but they can still be a thoughtful option.

Help at Home When They’re on the Road


For people who travel a lot, managing home life while away can be a hassle. Think of gifts that make life easier for folks when they’re on the road. For example, pet owners who travel might appreciate the gift of offering to care for their fluffy friends or paying for a pet sitter or boarding service next time they hit the road.

Give the Gift of Travel

Young woman facing a canyon

What better gift to give someone who loves to travel than the opportunity to do just that! Choosing a great travel gift card  is a good idea, especially as they can be personalized for any occasion. Plus, whoever you’re gifting it to can make up the best travel plan to suit their lifestyle and schedule, which gives a great level of flexibility compared with other gifts.

What about you? Do you have some travel-related gift ideas to add to the list?

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Chris Osburn is a freelance writer, photographer, consultant, and curator and the driving force behind the long running and award winning blog, Originally from the American Deep South, Chris has lived and worked all over the world and has called London home since 2001.

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