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The Perfect Way to Spend A Day in Hermosillo, Mexico

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Located in northwestern Mexico in the state of Sonora (near the Arizona border), Hermosillo is a fascinating place to visit. It’s an especially good destination if you’re looking to avoid other tourists. While your neighbors flock to resorts in Cancun, rest assured that you’ll have an enriching experience (and avoid the crowds!) in the Sonoran capital. Here are some suggestions for how to spend a day in Hermosillo.

Stroll around Plaza Zaragoza and Catedral de la Asunción

plaza sorol

One of the most beautiful parts of Hermosillo is Plaza Zaragoza, which is located right in the city center. It was built in 1865 and features a Moorish-style kiosk that was brought over from Florence, Italy in the early 1900s. Plaza Zaragoza also features beautiful flower beds and statues of important Sonoran figures, General Ignacio Pesqueira, and General García Morales. The stunning Catedral de la Asunción is adjacent to Plaza Zaragoza. The construction on this monumental worship space began in the 18th century, but it wasn’t finished until early in the 20th century. This resulted in a fascinating architectural mix of neoclassical and neogothic styles. Outside of the cathedral, local craftspeople sell their wares (silver jewelry, woven baskets, and textiles, to name a few).

Learn about Sonoran History and Culture at Local Museums

The Museo Regional de Sonora (Museum of Sonora) is located in an early 20th century building that originally served as a prison. After the prison closed in 1979, the building was renovated and the current museum opened in 1985. The museum’s extensive collection includes historical, archeological and ethnographic items pertaining to the Sonoran state. A few of the more impressive items are coins from the 16th century, an antique weapons collection, and a serpent’s head that dates from the Teotihuacan period. Another great place to visit is the Museo de Culturas Populares e Indígenas de Sonora (Museum of Popular and Indigenous Cultures of Sonora), which is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Sonora. Its collection is comprised of art, handicrafts, clothing, and utilitarian objects that give us insights into their customs and ways of life.

Eat Machaca or Carne Asada (or both!)



You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the street food in Hermosillo. Machaca is a traditional Sonoran way of preparing beef that involves drying it in the sun, salting it, and spicing it with chiltepin (small red hot chili peppers that grow in this region). The meat is then shredded and used in tacos and other regional dishes. Another Mexican specialty, carne asada is a skirt steak, flank steak or flap steak that is grilled, sliced and served as a main dish or in tacos. You can try both at one of Hermosillo’s most celebrated taquerias, Jaas Light. The original Jaas Light opened in the 1980s, and there are now several locations throughout the city where you can get your fill of delicious Sonoran tacos and Mexican beer.

Have you visited Hermosillo or other cities in Sonora? What were some of your favorite spots? Let us know in the comments section!

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