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8 Things You Need to Pack for Visiting Las Vegas!

This blog post was updated on April 25, 2023.

Heading off to Sin City? Then probably already know to bring along Lady Luck and your appetite (those Vegas buffets are no joke!). Even though Vegas is all about escapism, it’s good to be practical about packing. From good walking shoes to fun poolside attire, here are 8 things you need to pack when spending a few days on the Strip.

Shades to Keep Cool


Did you know that it’s estimated Vegas gets over 290 days of sunshine every year? So, yeah, a good pair of sunglasses can help keep your eyes comfortable while you’re walking around or lazing by the pool. They can also give you an air of mystique AND be a useful accessory for playing poker. Just be sure not to set them down on the poker table and forget to take them with you!

Shoes for All Las Vegas Occasions

comfortable sandals

Despite tourists opting for ride-sharing and scooter rentals to get about, Vegas is still a walking town. The strip is over 4 miles of feet-beating ground and most casino floors are massive labyrinths of gambling. So come prepared with some comfortable footwear, like walking sandals. Your feet will thank you. You’re also probably going to need some sleek clubbing footwear (gotta look good, right?). That means a savvy Vegas visitor makes sure to pack more than one pair of shoes and gives some forethought into what their plans mean for their foot attire.

Money, Honey

woman with cash in vegas

That’s right — if you’re booking flights to Las Vegas, you’d better bring cold hard cash! From tipping housekeeping and cab drivers to testing your luck at the slot machines, it’s good to have some currency on you instead of just relying on your credit or debit card to get you through the weekend. With ATM fees in casinos and along the strip as high as $5, it just makes sense to hit up your bank before heading to the airport.

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A Swimsuit (or Two)

bathing suit

It’s no secret that most hotels on the Strip have fabulous pools. Some of the combination casino/hotel resorts have been known to have as many as 8 separate pools for guests and it’s even estimated that the city has about one pool for every 35.5 people (which is A LOT).  So you should be sure to bring a swimsuit or two for poolside lounging, hot tub soaking, or a game of water volleyball.

Magazines to Kill Some Time


Take advantage of your time on the plane and downtime at the hotel to get caught up on some (enjoyable) reading material. Whether you relax by reading design, sports, fashion, or literary magazines, be sure to tuck a few in your carry-on!

Aspirin/Tylenol for that Las Vegas Hangover!

Vegas partygoers are known to overindulge, so it’s wise to have some over-the-counter painkillers on hand for those pesky morning-after hangovers. Wash them down with strong coffee, grab a greasy breakfast, hydrate, and you’ll be ready to hit the Strip again in no time!

Lotions and Potions to Protect Your Skin


Shocker: Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert. It also has a higher daily UV index than the national average. That means when you’re there, you’re at a higher risk for exposure to harmful rays that contribute to serious skin damage, including skin cancer and melanoma. So don’t forget the sunscreen — one with an SPF of 30 or more that you should apply once every two hours you’re out in the sun. It’s also a good idea to bring moisturizing lotion and lip balm so that you don’t get too dried out (drinking plenty of water will help with this, too).

Valid ID to Enter Clubs and Bars

Of course, you’ll need a state-issued ID to get through security at the airport, but there’s another good reason to have it with you while you’re in Vegas. Clubs along the Strip have a strict 21-and-older policy, which means you should carry your ID with you at all times, even if you think you look too old to get carded.

Have some other “must pack” items when you go to Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section! 

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