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Beyond the Books! 8 of the Most Beautiful Campuses in the World

Written by Tasmiah Rashid

This blog post was updated on August 28, 2023.

Did you know? A beautiful campus setting can play a significant role in higher student satisfaction and success.

Stellar academics? Check. Prestigious professors? Check. Fantastic selection of clubs and organizations to choose from? Check and check. So, what else could you possibly be missing on your list of essentials for choosing where to go for college? The perfect setting, of course! From royal gardens to Roman arches to countryside castles, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most stunning college campuses in the world. Take a peek!

Oxford University — Oxford, England


On the top of many architect’s lists, Oxford University is nothing short of an architectural wonderland. Some of the buildings on this campus date back as far as the 11th century and with its monastic roots, every inch of the campus exudes elegance, tradition, and sophistication. (Oh you fancy, huh?)

Tsinghua University — Beijing, China


Feel like royalty as you step onto Tsinghua University’s campus, which sits on the former site of the Qing Dynasty’s royal gardens. The campus boasts zen vibes with ponds full of floating lotus blossoms sprinkled throughout the grounds, that reflect gorgeously constructed, traditional Chinese style buildings. If the campus itself isn’t enough to draw you in, many of Beijing’s most notable historical sites, like the Summer Palace, are just a hop and a skip away!

University of Glasgow — Glasgow, Scotland


Continuing in the city’s unique and renowned architectural eminence, University of Glasgow‘s campus is best known for its breathtaking Victorian and Gothic Revival style buildings. The University dates back to 1451, making it the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world!

Flagler College — St. Augustine, Florida


This isn’t the only list this campus makes it on. Surrounded by palm trees and ocean views, Flagler College, in the history drenched town of St. Augustine, Florida, is also on the National Register of Historic Places. Complete with a marble staircase, Tiffany chandeliers, and castle-like turrets, the crown jewel of this campus is the magnificent Ponce de León Hall — a restored, Spanish Revival style structure, originally built as a hotel in 1888. So once you’ve started putting together your itinerary, make sure you put this stunning campus and historic landmark on the list!

Dong Hwa University — Hualien, Taiwan


Founded in 1947, this public university located in southern Taiwan is only 35km from Taroko National Park and just a few hours from Taipei. The campus is known for its distinctive architecture, built in a style that blends modern design with traditional charm. As you stroll through the 25100-acre campus, take a moment to gaze at the surrounding mountains in the backdrop or head up to the top of their 53-meter tall library tower to get a full 360 view of the exquisite, natural setting.

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Princeton — Princeton, New Jersey

Image via Flick CC - Anthony Cuffari

Image via Flick CC – Anthony Cuffari

An ivy-league university… covered in ivy. Need we say more? Once you’ve landed from your flight to New Jersey, make your way over to Einstein’s hometown to set your sights on the fairytale-like Princeton University campus. Built in 1754, this institution is home to the third-largest college chapel in the world. Lake Carnegie graces one side of the campus while footpaths, gray stone buildings, and luscious courtyards make up the campus’s landscape.

Trinity College — Dublin, Ireland

Image via Flick CC - Hernán Piñera

Image via Flick CC – Hernán Piñera

Founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1592, Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland one of Ireland’s oldest Universities. The most celebrated structure on the campus is the Old Library. The library’s main chamber, known as the Long Room, has a timbered barrel-vaulted ceiling and shelving that resembles side chapels of an old baroque church. The Long Room is also where the famous Book of Kells is kept under lock and key.

Berry College — Mount Berry, Georgia


We saved the largest for last. Set in Mount Berry, Georgia this campus spans over 27,000 acres of mountains, woodlands, and streams, making it the largest contiguous college campus in the world! Complete with horse, bicycle, and foot trails, Berry College is remarkably varied when it comes to architectures. Expect anything from log cabins and cottages to Oxford-inspired monastic style buildings.

Is there an exquisite campus you’ve been to that you think should be the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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