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7 Trips to Take Before You’re a Parent

Written by Shannon Durso

Okay, to be fair, traveling with kids can be a fun and worthwhile experience. BUT it will certainly limit your trips to kid-friendly destinations and less adventurous excursions. So if you’ve yet to start a family and are wondering where you should go next before you become a parent, then keep reading. Whether you’re looking to relax, explore, or experience a thrill, you could end up taking the trip of a lifetime …and you don’t want to end up regretting you didn’t travel more (it’s the absolute worst).

Here are some travel adventures that are best taken prior to the adventure of parenting.

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Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad is an incredible experience, whether you want to lend a helping hand to people, animals, or a community. It’s tough work and requires full attention to those you’re helping, so the perfect time to go is before you have children to care for. You’ll warm your heart with love as you assist those in need. There are many places around the globe and programs you can join that are in need of volunteers, so you may have to narrow down what work you’re willing to do to determine where to go. If you’re interested in working with wildlife then Thailand is the perfect location for you to volunteer, while Nepal is a popular location where volunteers flock to assist people by teaching children and helping with the rebuild from the 2015 earthquake. You’ll find that education, health care, farming, and construction are the most common volunteer work needed wherever you decide to volunteer abroad.

Dive into the Great Barrier Reef

scuba diving in the great barrier reef

Plunge into the largest coral reef system on the planet! This fun-filled, eye-opening adventure is just under the sea and is most definitely like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Scuba dive down under in Australia and witness some of the most unique creatures with amazing colorful corals. This trip is the experience of a lifetime and we recommend you go before having kids because they may not appreciate and/or remember all that the Reef has to offer. It’s a whole new world on the Great Barrier Reef that includes tons of different species of underwater creatures.

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Go on an African Safari


Image via Flickr CC- Jeremy T. Hetzel

Lions, and tigers, and jaguars, OH MY! Experience the thrill of an African safari — it’s one of the coolest adventures you can experience (if you’re an animal lover). Observe some of the world’s greatest wildlife on a safe tour around the home of magnificent animals. There are safari tours in parks throughout Africa, so be sure to do some research on what wildlife you’re interested in seeing. Kruger National Park in South Africa is just one location that’s home to lots of wild cats. Skip the zoo before having kids and come face to face with exotic creatures on picture-perfect landscapes–this is a wild excursion that may be too frightening for young children. And remember to stay calm…you’re in their home now!

Travel to the Lowest Sea on Earth

woman floating, reading a book in the dead sea

The Dead Sea–many say lathering up your body with the mud from the sea’s floor is the best skin care regimen. It’s recorded that the history of the sea was first seen almost 3 million years ago and was formed by continuous floods from the Red Sea. Located in Israel, it’s also the lowest and saltiest body of water in the world! It’s difficult to swim in the Dead Sea, but it impossible to sink (thanks to the water’s salinity). It’s best to go prior to parenting so you can kick back, relax, and float on your back with no worries. The sea’s surface continues to shrink about a meter per year but is not expected to dry out entirely.  Oh, and don’t worry there’s no fish here due to the high level of salt in the water they have migrated away a LONG time ago.

Take a Cross-Country Road Trip

group of friends packing a car for a road trip

A long coast to coast journey across America can be adventurous as well as quite relaxing…especially without kids. The route you take depends on your travel preferences and what you’d like would like to see along the way. New York to California is a lengthy drive but can be exciting depending on the route you choose to take. On your road trip across the U.S. you can stop in major cities, like  Washington D.C, Nashville, New Orleans, and Austin. A good idea is to rent a car for the trip and then catch a flight home so you don’t have to drive all the way back.

Take a Wine Tour in Napa Valley


Image via Flickr CC-star5112

Sipping on some fine wine is definitely not a trip for the kiddos. With over 45,000 acres of vineyards, you’ll experience some great wine tours around Napa Valley–it’s the perfect combo of fun and relaxation! A day or weekend trip is recommended — there are lots of wineries to explore and many different tours to choose from. It may also be a good idea to call ahead and make reservations for each winery you plan on visiting to best deal with any crowds  

Visit Walt Disney World (Adult-Edition)


Image via Flickr CC-Dave Hogg

At any age, booking round trip flights to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is always a good idea. It may be the perfect preparation prior to children as the parks are filled with joyful kids from around the globe. You’ll even feel like a kid again as you dance your way through Cinderella’s castle and hang out with famous princesses and of course, Mickey Mouse. Or, if you’re into more of a relaxing time away from children, most of Disney’s hotels and resorts include a full-service spa along with fantastic restaurants for dining. If you’re looking for a little more fun then check out Epcot. This theme park is designed with international cultures and countries allowing people to walk from country to country-bar to bar, and experience what it’s like to drink around the world.

Do you regret not taking that once in a lifetime trip prior to having children? If so, where would you have gone? Tell us in the comments below!


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