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7 Simple Ways to Get Cheap Flight Deals on Black Friday

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This blog post was updated on November 10, 2022.

Yes, it’s that time of year again! It’s time for deals galore at your fingertips for yet another Black Friday. Retailers will probably bombard you with all kinds of offers, and this includes some great deals on travel too.

But with all the special limited-time offers clogging up your inbox, how can you be certain you’ve scored the perfect flight deal? The offer may say it’s a great deal. But how can you be sure that it really is?

Don’t worry; follow these simple set of tips to ensure that you won’t let a deal slip through your fingers, or have to deal with an unpleasant surprise you didn’t bargain for when booking travel during this busy online shopping period.

Determine Typical Fares for Your Destination

How You Can Get Cheap Flights for Black Friday - Couple ready for traveling

Before you shell out on flights, determine the average cost of flights to your chosen destination. It’s fairly easy to search online for typical flight costs. You’ll want to keep things like taxes and security fees in mind, as these can add a hefty chunk to your final price.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

Airfare costs often fluctuate wildly, with certain days and departure times costing far less than others. To maximize your savings, remain as flexible as possible with your booking dates. This can ultimately help you to score a better deal during the Black Friday deals period.

Consider Destinations Off the Beaten Path

Before you race off to holiday at the hot-spot of the moment, why not consider the road less traveled? Certain destinations are always in high demand, which translates to more expensive flights. Why not explore a city or country that isn’t on everybody else’s radar? Not only could this translate to substantial savings, but you may find yourself surprised at the charm of your hidden gem.

Keep Smaller Airports in Mind

How You Can Get Cheap Flights for Black Friday - passenger aircraft landing at a small airport

Many low-cost airlines operate from smaller airports located a bit further from the center of the cities they serve. By looking for flights to these less popular airports, you could save a bundle. Not only are these smaller airports often less expensive, but you’ll also enjoy a less hectic travel experience by avoiding the crowds at the larger transit hubs.

Buy First, Cancel Later

Most airlines all allow free cancellations within the first 24 hours of booking. If you see a hot deal, consider snapping up this lowest airfare and then reflecting on it. If your airline offers a generous cancellation policy, you won’t be losing money if you decide any particular deal isn’t the right fit for your holiday. Of course, it’s important to pay attention to the fine print, as terms and conditions may apply.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Red-Eye Flight

Red eye flights often get a bad rap, but if you can manage a bit of shut-eye on your journey, flying overnight or on an early morning departure can save you plenty. Not only are these flights often less expensive, but you’ll also have a whole day to enjoy once you reach your destination, maximizing the amount of time you have to explore on your vacation.

Mix and Match Airlines

Airport signs and symbols,connecting flights

Many frequent fliers try to stick to one airline, but using different carriers can help you snag deals on connecting flights. Spend a bit of time sleuthing and don’t be hesitate to book one-way flights or connecting flights across multiple airlines. If you do take this approach, simply make certain you’ll have enough time to make your connections, as you won’t benefit from in-terminal transfers if you have a late arrival.

Skip the Direct Flight

It may be tempting to splurge on a direct flight to your city of choice, but you can often save money by flying to another airport and then using a low-cost ticket to jump to your final destination. Do some research about which low-cost carriers operate in the area you want to visit and see if you can work out a cheap connection after your long-haul flight.

Book a Long Layover

Take your money further and book a long layover that gives you ample time to visit two different cities. Sometimes a flight with a long layover is actually cheaper than a direct flight to any given city, so not only will this approach allow you to get more out of your holiday but it will also save you in the long run. Win-win.

So there you have it — simple solutions to staying on top of Black Friday flight deals in 2022 and booking the perfect flight that will land you with your perfect getaway. Happy hunting and bon voyage!

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