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Ageless Adventures: 5 Trendy Travel Experiences for Retirees

travel ideas for retirees
Written by Dhinesh Manuel

This blog post was updated on May 15, 2020.

If you’re over 65 and enjoying your retirement while globetrotting, then you’d also probably be curious about what other retirees are doing on their travels. Who knows? Some ideas might inspire you the next time you plan a vacation or some cheap flight deals come across your way. Here are 5 hot travel trends that are being embraced by retired travelers, and which can help you plot out your next adventure.

Going on a Pilgrimage

pilgrims in Portomarin village , Way of St James, Camino de Santiago, to Compostela, Galicia, Spain

If you want to reaffirm your faith or follow in the footsteps of the leaders of your faith, then why not visit the relevant holy sites and also make a holiday out of it? Killing two birds with one stone is something retirees love doing on holiday. Imagine enjoying Rome in all its glory while also timing it to catch a rare Papal Mass in Vatican City, relaxing while floating on the Dead Sea while also making numerous Holy Land stops, or even trekking the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) through the mountains of France and Spain.

Volunteering While Abroad

a senior volunteering as a music teacher

A lot of people think “voluntourism” is something that only millennials do. Think again. More and more retirees are flocking to other countries to use their time, talents, and abilities to serve others. While most seniors feel this is a great way to give back while also immersing oneself in a foreign culture, it also means that retirement isn’t the final chapter in using a lifetime of skills earned in administration, teaching, or counseling (to name just a few).

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Going Glamping

inside a luxury yurt

While luxury camping may not be exactly what you grew up with, it is a popular option for many retirees. Imagine being pampered while still being close to nature – the best of both worlds, right? Modern “glamping” options could include enjoying a 5-course meal while sitting out under the African sky, or even sampling some fine wines in front of a fireplace right outside your very own luxury yurt in the Californian wilderness.

Walking Down Memory Lane

an elderly couple revisiting old family home

Remember that Sicilian village your mother used to describe so vividly, or that old pub in Dublin where your parents first met? Yes, walking down memory lane can be a great inspiration for travel. More and more travelers are seeking out locations from their past, and have successfully found them thanks to online resources that are easily accessible. Planning a trip to the “old country” to visit places from your childhood, or places that are special to your family can make for an emotionally satisfying journey, and one which you can inspire the next generation to make too.

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Eating Like the Locals, With the Locals

a senior traveler enjoys food cooked by his host

Love food and cooking as much as travel? Sites like Traveling Spoon connect you with locals all around the world who open their homes so you can learn to cook and eat a home-prepared meal with them. The authenticity can be a welcome escape from tourist trap hotels that may be overpriced, and also give you the chance to learn some new culinary techniques. Besides, what brings people together more effectively than food?

We hope these ideas have inspired you, and the next time you plan a trip or find some cheap flight deals online, just follow your heart to parts unknown! Bon voyage!

Are you retired and love to travel? What’s the inspiration for your next trip? Tell us!

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