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4 Travel-Themed Films to See at Sundance 2015

This blog post was updated on September 4, 2018.

4 Travel-Themed Films to See at Sundance 2015

Sundance Film Festival is on again, bringing Hollywood glamour to an otherwise quiet mountain town in Utah. Whether you’re an indie film insider attending this famous festival or a movie buff eager to find out what this year’s breakout must-see movies coming out of Sundance will be, see what you think about this list travel oriented flicks playing at this year’s event (synopses from the Sundance website).

A Walk in the Woods

Starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, A Walk in the Woods tells the tale about an aging travel writer who “sets out to hike the 2,100-mile-long Appalachian Trail with a long-estranged high school buddy” learning “that some roads are better left untraveled.”

Featuring “Lily Tomlin’s famously impeccable timing and whiplash wit,” this buddy movie with a twist is about Elle (Tomlin’s character) who hits the road with her granddaughter in a vintage Dodge dropping in on old friends and old flames and “rattling skeletons and digging up secrets.”
Operation Arctic

Operation Arctic is a Sundance Kids selection and features “wonderful performances” from a young cast and beautiful cinematography shot in Norway. The film’s plot centers around Julia, a shy 13-year-old who along with her eight-year old twin siblings “ends up lost on a remote Arctic island with a limited food supply, wild animals, fierce weather, and no way to communicate with the mainland. Though the twins look to Julia for survival skills, all three must rise to the challenge and work together in hopes of being rescued.”
Seoul Searching

The scene is Seoul in 1986. A “raucous gaggle of Korean teenagers spill out of the Gimpo airport and onto buses that transport them to a location just outside the city.” There, these high schoolers sent from all over the world – the U.S., Mexico, London, and Hamburg – participate in a government-sponsored summer program to help them connect with their heritage. Based on filmmaker Benson Lee’s own experience as a teenager, “Seoul Searching pays homage to the John Hughes dramedies of the 1980s and adds its own flair of Korean drama to create a fresh, original film. With spot-on costuming, an ’80s-infused soundtrack, and an exciting all-Asian cast just waiting to be discovered, Seoul Searching delivers an extended remix of heartfelt nostalgia, hilarity, and fun.”

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