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4 Packing Tips for Easy Easter Travel

Written by Staff Writer

This blog post was updated on March 24, 2021.

Easter is a popular time to travel, since it usually coincides with school spring breaks and much-needed time away from the office. As many people will be taking the roads and skies for the spring holiday, Easter packing can sometimes be like walking on eggshells…one bad step and you can ruin the while thing! To remove any packing problems from the equation, here are four handy tips to keep in mind while traveling in Easter!

Check The Weather and Pack in Layers


One thing any savvy traveler knows is to never underestimate the weather…especially around Easter. April is one of the most unpredictable months across the US when it comes to climate. Early spring is notorious for being hot and cold without too much of a warning, after all. If you’re starting the packing process for your Easter travels, check the weather first and monitor it closely leading up to your departure. This will help you pack accordingly. Even if everything looks like sunshine and rainbows in your destination’s forecast, be wise and pack in layers. Your Sunday best should work well with a jacket or sweater, just in case the weather turns south.

Consider your Clothing Choices Before Picking an Easter Outfit

Most Easter travelers will surely need something dressy to wear to those Easter brunches, services, and gatherings. You will soon find that dressier clothing isn’t always the easiest to pack, though. When pressed with little time or resources, you have to select outfits made of fabrics that require little effort. For example, jersey and knit dresses might be better than silks and satins. You’ll also want to pack clothes that don’t wrinkle when rolled up into a suitcase!

Pack Slip-On and Foldable Shoes to Save Space


As Easter travel often calls for dressier gatherings, you might lose space in your bag if you pack your standard dress shoes. To avoid baggage fees or get more valuable space, you can try packing slip-on and foldable shoes. For men, slip-on loafers that can be worn on the plane will save a great deal of space in your bag while still pulling it off for a dressy look. And for the ladies, foldable flats will free up more space than a high heel would!

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Stow Easter Candy in Your Carry-On

If you scored some cheap domestic flights this Easter for a fun family getaway, you might have a few chocolate bunnies and eggs on your packing list! While you may want these items stowed out of your way in checked baggage, that’s the perfect recipe for a chocolatey mess the second you open your bag. After all, you never know if your bag will end up sitting on a hot tarmac for hours! All edibles — especially chocolates! — should be kept in your carry-on so that you can rest easy knowing that your precious candies are not melting in your bag.

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