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Siglufjordur is a small fishing town on the northern coast of Iceland. The region is characterized by wide bays and scenic fjords, and is neatly flanked by ice-capped mountains on either sides and a long river-shaped valley on the third. Siglufjordur was a prominent fishing hub during the ‘40s and ‘50s, and Herring fish used to be the star attraction then. A herring have long been gone ever since and with them has departed that glorious reputation too.Some smaller nearby villages even offer an unforgettable experience of that old, rustic, and rural Iceland with its deep traditions and beliefs rooted in farming and fishing.

Places of Interest in Siglufjordur
Herring Era Museum
Welcome to Herring Era Museum, the museum that justifies its name and cause to perfection. It was opened in 1994 AD and is the biggest museum in Iceland and also the only one in the country to win the prestigious European Museum Award. Herring Era Museum consists of three parts that respectively denote the history of the trade, processing of fish and a replica of harbor are created to yield a holistic image of the way things used to appear during the forties and the fifties.

Folk Music Festival
There is no better time to come to Siglufjordur than July because this is when the fishing town comes to life amidst music and dance. This music festival starts on the first Wednesday of July and goes all the way to Monday, and is known for its numerous concerts that depict Icelandic and Scandinavian folk music besides other contemporary musical genres and folk dances.

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