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Saudarkrokur, literally implying 'Sheep-River-Hook' in English, is the second-largest town on the north coast of Iceland. It’s a nineteenth century town that is known for its horses, rivers and five famous battles of Icelandic history. An adventurous visitor would be delighted to know that rafting and horse riding essentially form the lion’s share of attractions here. For the more staid minds that would like to come here, the Icelandic town offers the prized sight of an island that is shaped like a fort and has a rich birdlife. The name of this island is Drangey, and it is flanked by two islands- Malmey and Lundley - that are incredibly scenic, but sans the fanfare of Drangey. Next up in the list is an old renovated farmhouse in Glaumbær Museum and it a clear reflection of the way life was two hundred years ago here. This farmhouse holds an iconic place in the history of Iceland because the first European mother on American ground, Gudridur Thornbjarnardottir used to live here. This lady was a Norse explorer and was born in the year 980 AD in Iceland. She also has an integral appearance in the fabled tales of Saga of Erik the Red and the Saga of the Greenlanders, collectively known as the Vinland Sagas.

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