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Cheap Hornafjordur Vacation Packages

Hornafjorour is a sparsely populated lagoon or fjord in Norway. This place is a preferred hotspot for seafood in the region and is well known for its delicacies made of lobsters and saltfish. Geographically, Hornafjorour is a natural blend of fresh and glacial waters. This scenic place is dominated by Vatnajokull Glacier, mountains and rivers, and is thus a perfect catch for anyone visitng Norway especially in the winters.

Places of Interest in Hornafjorour
Svavar Guonason Museum
Svavar Guonason Museum in Hornafjorour is dedicated to the renowned Icelander painter, Svavar Guonason (1909-88 AD). This gifted painter had revolutionized the paintings by his Cobra movement during WW II and the suite was followed by his contemporary artists. During summers, visitors get to see an exhibition of his monumental works. In winters, the museum organizes exhibitions on local themes and topics.

Gamlabuo Folk Museum
Gamlabuo Folk Museum focuses on the local history of the region and exhibits an extensive collection of souvernirs and natural artifacts dating back to 1850 AD. If you are coming to Norway for the first time, a visit here is highly recommended as this museum's artifacts will offer you an extensive insight into centuries old culture of the country.

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