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Cheap Saginaw Vacation Packages

A city in the State of Michigan, Saginaw is located in the area known as Mid-Michigan or Central Michigan. The city is positioned adjacent to Saginaw Charter Township and is considered a part of Great Lakes Bay Area. Saginaw was a flourishing lumber town in the past and a significant industrial city and manufacturing hub throughout much of the 20th century. The city features humid continental climate that is influenced by its inland position not at the coastline of one of the Great Lakes of Michigan. With few alluring tourist spots, the city makes for a pleasant vacation for travelers.

Places of Interest in Saginaw
Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum
An art museum focusing on the life and works of sculptor Marshall Fredericks, Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum is located in Saginaw Valley State University's Arbury Fine Arts Center in University Center, Michigan. Admission in the museum is free. The museum features five areas- Main Exhibit Gallery, Special Exhibitions, Sculpture's Studio, Archives, and Sculpture Garden. The Main Exhibit Gallery incorporates around 200 works, predominantly plaster models. The temporary exhibition galleries boast changing exhibitions national, international, and Michigan artists and display works from the Museum collection. The Sculpture Studio is a permanent display of Frederick's authentic equipment in sequence. The Sculpture Garden is located adjacent to the museum and includes a collection of more than 20 bronze casts of artist's sculptures.

Children's Zoo at Celebration Square
A regional celebration celebrating nature, Children's Zoo at Celebration Square offers visitors to discover exotic wildlife through affordable and engaging experiences in a park-like setting. In the zoo, animals from several parts of the world make their home. Some of the major fauna species that can be seen here are wolves, bald eagles, river otters, Capuchin monkeys, kangaroos, and more.

Castle Museum
Previously known as Castle Station, Castle Museum is a historic structure on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum is, at present, the home of the Historical Society of Saginaw County. Castle Museum is officially known as the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History. The exhibits in the museum include some of the interesting items like a 1914 Saginaw cycle car, a lumbering exhibit, and archeology exhibit.

Mid-Michigan Children's Museum
An excellent place to visit with kids, Mid-Michigan Children's Museum offers great educational experience to children. The building houses classrooms, program rooms, food service, gift shops, and administrative offices. The galleries are tied to school curriculums and developed with the inputs from educators and museum specialists.

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