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Hillsboro is a city in Oregon and county seat of Washington County, US. This scenic city is home to some delightful natural scenery comprising of the densely forested Coast Range and mountains of Mt. Hood. This stunning landscape also integrates hillside agriculture, business and small-town neighborhoods. Do not miss the international air show, a pro baseball game and the one-of-a-kind rock museum during your Hillsboro vacations. You can choose from our Hilsboro vacation packages to avoid last minute rush and inflated prices.

The peak season to travel to Hillsboro is the summer season from June to August. It is bright and sunny at about at 74-80 deg F, the city and its markets are in full bloom and there are some lively cultural events waiting to happen. This list includes Hillsboro 4th of July Parade, Celebrate Hillsboro and Washington County Fair.

Places of Interest in Hillsboro
Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve in Hillsboro is a 635-acre of riverside forested wetland area in Washington County, Oregon. This lowland area is a natural hotspot for bird watching because it is home to a large number of bird species, small aquatic animals and migratory waterfowls. Its landscape consists of ponds, marshes, meadows, slough areas and is dotted with hiking trails and several deciduous and conifer trees.

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals

Hillsboro’s Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals is the largest museum of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. It has 20000 specimens of fine rocks, minerals, fossils, meteorites, fluorescent minerals, zeolites and gemstones from all around the world. Some highlights here include precious stones (like rubies, diamonds, opal, emerald and amethyst) and fossils (like shark teeth, trilobites, petrified wood, dinosaur eggs, and a baby dinosaur).

Magnolia Park

Hillsboro easternmost park, the Magnolia Park is equally popular among nature lovers delight and young children alike. It is home to 180 trees, over 1000 flowers, five species of magnolia trees and a rain garden plus approximately 68000 square feet of lawn. Other attractions here are walking areas, athletic equipment, natural areas and a picnic area.

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