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Cheap Boulder Vacation Packages

Boulder is a city in Colorado in United States. It is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is adjacent to Denver, thus positioning itself as a natural gateway to the mountainous west and a bagful of several outdoor attractions. Your Boulder vacation would bring home the fact that you have visited an interesting mix of a university town, an intelligent city that is taking farmlands, a fulcrum of fusion culture and an alpha place for sports enthusiasts because of its high altitude and training facilities. You can choose from our Boulder travel packages to save big and avoid last minute rush.

Boulder has two peak seasons, and it depends on the kid of activity you’re looking for. If you’d like to see its scenic beauty, hike, mountain-bike, or raft, it would be best to visit here during summer season from May to October when the temperature is from 65-88 deg F. If you’d like to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, winters are the best. You should come here from November to March as the mercury ranges from 45-55 deg F.

Places of Interest in Boulder
Pearl Street Mall

Boulder’s top attraction, the Pearl Street Mall is four-block pedestrian mall and a prominent social hotspot. It is an intriguing bracket of several restaurants, specialty stores, artisan shops and gadget shops. This place is at its liveliest best during summer season and on all weekends as it is dotted with street artists, vociferous street vendors and henna tattoo artists. If you’re a food enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss out on the Pearl Street- it offers a large variety of cuisines from around the world at economical prices.

The Flatirons

The Flatirons are a range of steeply sloping triangular landform created by erosion near Boulder. They assume a fountain formation and were made of conglomeratic sandstones nearly 300 million years ago. This astounding series of geological formations is the go-to point for those looking for some tranquil serenity, sightseeing and besides being a premier hiking and rock climbing hotspot.

Chautauqua Park

Chautauqua Park is located at the base of the Flatiron rock formations in Boulder. An alpha spot for sightseeing and hiking alike, the park offers both a glorious cityscape and a lordly view of the Flatiron's rock formations. Visiting here during the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra in the summer season is the most perfect time to enjoy your holidays here.

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