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You might find moving through the Italian city of Bari much like walking along a sea beach with two beautiful girlfriends, one British and one French. This comparison is well absorbed because visitors to this part of the world are treated to two contrasting identities simultaneously: one being prominently historic and classic and the other glistening with new avenues. Bari is the capital city of the Metropolitan City of Bari and of the Apulia region in Italy, and it is divided into two parts- Old and New. The older pertains to Bari’s profound historical heritage and the newer one is all about sophisticated urban developments. It is a port city and one of the economic mainstays of Southern Italy, besides being the city of Saint Nicholas.

Places of Interest in Bari
San Nicola
The Pontifical Basilica di San Nicola (Basilica of Saint Nicholas) is a one thousand years old church in Bari and is an important pilgrimage destination for Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians. Its bland white exterior makes it appear a royal waste of a visitor’s time but a trip through the interiors more than makes up for it by offering a real treat to the eyes. An important attraction here is a 12th-century tabernacle which is flanked on the right by a fifteenth century painting called Madonna with Saints. Further ahead is the crowning glory, a marble throne of the bishop which lies close to a crypt in which the remains of St Nicholas are kept.

Castello has silently evolved through a complete and harrowing cycle of evolution as a historical castle. Starting from the duration of a hundred years starting from 1132 AD, Castello was built, then razed to ground and then reconstructed to its present form. In the sixteenth century, it was made into a prison. Castello is surrounded by a moat on three sides while the fourth (northern) side was facing the ocean and was accessible from a gate on the southern side. Now this old castle is used for exhibitions.

It can be best described in the words of local inhabitants as ‘Se Parigi avesse il mare, sarebbe una piccola Bari’ (If Paris was by the sea, it would be a small Bari). Barivecchi is a constant mesh of narrow streets, passageways, churches and even hidden shrines, and you could easily be lost here in the ambiance or alleyways alike.

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