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Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Townsville

Placed in the in the Thuringowa CBD, Riverway is the cultural epicenter of Townsville, filled with a wealth of attractions like public art gallery, cultural centre, swimming lagoons and café. A cluster of well-preserved parks like Pioneer Park, Loam Island, Apex Park and Ross Park are ideal for relaxing or a leisurely stroll.

Close to the Pioneer Park, lies the laidback area of Village Boulevard. Here you will find the Ross River Dam that is a hot favorite among both locals and visitors to enjoy various outdoor activities including sports, swimming, entertainment, dining shopping and much more. The area also offers many picturesque walking trails.

The most famous beachside area in Townsville, Bushland Beach is excellent for sightseeing. When sea tides are low, you can walk up to the wooden shipwreck. Nearly located ponds display the rich marine variety of the city. There is also a hotel and a resort near the beach.