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Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Peoria

activities with many corporate and governmental offices located in this area. The area is home to the the Peoria Civic Center and O'Brien Field. You can go to theatres or enjoy arts, dining, and entertainment near the riverfront side.

An important suburb in Peoria, Peoria Heights is best known for the Grand View Drive that is praised by Theodor Roosevelt. Take the elevator to reach the top of red Water Tower offering stunning views of Peoria and neighboring towns. Nearly located the Bielfeldt Park is an ideal spot for picnic activities.

The area of Peoria Park District is a treat for nature lovers with its 36 sq. kilometer area dedicated to parks. It is home to the Peoria Zoo that houses interesting animals like the Aldabra giant tortoise, rhinos, lions, zebras and more. Golfers can showcase their skills at tone of five public golf courses.