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Hotels in Mikonos, Greece

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Mikonos

Located in the western part of Mikonos, Little Venice attracts architecture lovers with its lovely medieval two and three storey houses equipped with multi-colored wooden balconies. Many people visit this area to watch breathtaking sunset views while drinking cocktails in one of its many bars. The windmills near the sea also offer striking views.

One of the oldest areas in Mikonos, Kastro district lies in the western part of the city. The area is filled with a wealth of architectures but among them Panagia Paraportiani undoubtedly tops the chart. This Byzantine sparkler featuring four chapels took more than 300 years to complete. But only one chapel is open for visitors.

The Hora Pirate Alleyways featuring maze-like streets was built to confuse the raiders. But this plan proved unsuccessful and all of the pirates were caught by raiders. Today you can explore the streets and enjoy walks.

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