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Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Chelyabinsk

Kirov Street is one of the oldest areas in Chelyabinsk where entry of vehicles is a strict no. The area is dominated by the towering Chelyabinsk City, the tallest building in the city. Reach the top of building to enjoy city’s aerial views. A lot of historical monuments like the Monument Rozenbaum also highlight area’s historic side.

Ordzhonikidze Street remains abuzz with people and activities throughout the day. The main highlight of the area is the stela that contains bronze statues of city’s four important figures. Near to the sculpture of Khodok you can enjoy jazz music of the famous Ural jazz band Ural Dixieland.

Chapaev Street is one of most scenic neighborhoods in Chelyabinsk that features a serene setting of greenery all around. Overlooking the Lake Karachai, the area features a lot of walking trails. For accommodation, hotels like the Smolinopark are ideal to stay.