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Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Charlottesville

Set against the backdrop of the enormous Lewis Mountain, the neighborhood of Lewis Mountain is bordered by the prestigious University of Virginia on almost all sides. The neighborhood houses a lot of students. Budget travelers can’t get anything better than this neighborhood in Charlottesville to stay.

Covering Birdwood Road in the west to Kelly Avenue in the east, the neighborhood of North Downtown lies in the center of Charlottesville. Most of the upscale shops and restaurants are located near the downtown’s Pedestrian Mall. Don’t forget to visit the McIntire Park on Sundays from noon until sunset. Here you can enjoy a stroll, have a picnic, fly a kite or simply sit and enjoy the views.

One of Charlottesville’s biggest neighborhoods and one of the foremost American subdivisions, Belmont-Carlton lies almost in the city’s heart. Witness its housing variety with shot-gun style homes or visit its unique Mom-and-Pop stores. Churches offer a serene ambiance while the historic downtown mall is not far away.