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Your Guide To Visiting India’s Valley of the Flowers

This blog post was updated on July 9, 2021.

Nestled in a remote Himalayan Valley, just over the border from Tibet, you will stumble upon what very well could be heaven. Here in the Valley of Flowers National Park visitors make the once before I die trip to see 300 species of flowers create nature’s own version of carpet. With snowy peaks completing the scene it is no wonder many go out of the way to reach this wonder. And like the local villagers once believed about the space, you’ll think it was all the work of fairies once you get there.
What Is It?
The Valley of Flowers National Park lives up to its name in that it does boast a valley of flowers. Thousands of flowers bloom in this section of India from July to August. Known for meadows of endemic alpine flowers and natural beauty, the national park also boasts a wide range of rare and endangered animals including the Asiatic black bear, the snow leopard, brown bear and blue sheep. Travelers make the trek to this national park however for it gives off the appearance of a bright carpet, framed in by mountains. The Valley of Flowers National Park has also received UNESCO World Heritage status.
Where Is It?
The best kinds of attractions are tucked away, ones that require 10 drives to reach. The Valley of Flowers National Park is one of those attractions being that it sits 400 miles from Delhi. Located in West Himalaya, the national park rests in Chamoli Garhwal. It finds a home in India’s state of Uttarakhand. The Valley of Flowers National Park is also quite close to Nanda Devi National Park.
When To Go
The Valley of Flowers National Park is certainly not an attraction that you can visit just any old time of the year. It is only open from June until October. However, the best time to visit tends to be from mid July to mid August when the flowers are at their peak. Visitors who come before mid July or after mid August tend to be disappointed, as you can’t see the full effect of flowers. The colors also tend to vary depending on when you visit with June boasting more red and pink flowers and July glowing in a warm yellow.
Other Tips and Tricks
Getting to the Valley of Flowers is half the battle. The hike follows a steep 8-mile path from Govindghat. Local guides are tasked with making sure you don’t get lost or stray off the path and try to pick the flowers. Hikers should come prepared with the proper footwear to make the trek. It is also wise to know that the park is only open during daylight hours so you’ll want to get moving early to enjoy it.

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