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What’s OKAY to Instagram on Vacation

This blog post was updated on November 2, 2018.

What's OKAY to Instagram on Vacation, photo:andrew lerner

Let’s be honest.  We sit at our desks all the live-long day, living vicariously through our unemployed friends and the items they share on social – check-ins, tweets, and most importantly, Instagram shots.  Now, we’re not talking about your basic “ridin’ round town” Instagram shot of a burger from the local burger joint, or your neighbor’s best friend’s new puppy or the snowflake that just fell.  The worst offender, the one who really makes our blood boil, is the vacationer.  Mupload upon mupload upon Instagram shot of a twig, a bird, the water, a cocktail.  Give me a break. That’s no way to get the engagement you want abroad.

For me, social media and vacationing is a touchy area.  You want to demonstrate how awesome your trip is, of course, but you also want to maximize engagement.  You want the most likes and comments on your media, so you have to carefully choose what’s going to make it. Albeit rare, if you do find yourself with the funds and vacation time to get traveling, here are a few acceptable things you can Instagram while on vaca!

The Grounds of your Hote
l Hotels are all different depending on their location – especially chains.  With this you also have the added bonus of potentially being tweeted at by the brand! (Assuming you share your Instagram on Twitter, which, let’s be real, you do). Slap a filter on that baby and your three-star hotel is now totes 5-star.
National Landmarks and Attractions I love the idea of being somewhere where something epic happened.  For example, I visited the World Trade Center memorial site recently.  To say something epic happened there would be the understatement of the modern world.  But to stand there for a second and imagine being there during the attacks really puts into perspective how EPIC this location was, and I want my friends to appreciate and understand the significance.

Your favorite meal (provided it’s unique)
I’m not going to sit here and promote the idea of #foodporn.  However, I’m not going to discount it.  If you’re in a really awesome place and about to be served a really interesting and uncommon dish from a local restaurant, I’m dying to see it! I want to know how weird the cuisine where you are is, and how weird you are for trying it!
What do you like to share pictures of when you’re on vacation?


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Photo: Andrew Lerner

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