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Travel and Leisure Picks the Best Cities for Pizza in the US

This blog post was updated on October 30, 2018.

Travel and Leisure recently released a list of the Best Cities for Pizza in the United States.


In a move that is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers, the publication picked Chicago over New York City for the number one spot.


The crowning of Chicago as king of pizza will no doubt add more fuel to the age-old thick vs. thin crust debate.


However, surprise appearances in the top 10 by cities like Providence, Philadelphia, Savannah, and Salt Lake City show that this is much more than a two-city race.


For as T&L notes, many cities aren’t just replicating the New York or Chicago style; instead they are bringing innovation to the art of pizza-making.


Check out the top 10:
1.    Chicago, Illinois
2.    New York City, New York
3.    Providence, Rhode Island
4.    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5.    Savannah, Georgia
6.    Portland, Oregon
7.    Salt Lake City, Utah
8.    Boston, Massachusetts
9.    San Francisco, California
10.  Denver, Colorado
For a more detailed look at the choices, head on over to Travel and Leisure.


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