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Top Countries for Adventure Tourism Named in Study

This blog post was updated on October 29, 2018.

A recent study from the Adventure Travel Trade Association ranked 195 countries in terms of their potential for adventure tourism.
During the survey, each nation was assigned an Adventure Travel Development Index (ADTI) which took into account several factors, including adventure activity resources, natural resources, safety, and sustainability.


Switzerland narrowly beat out Iceland for the top spot while New Zealand finished close behind at number three. Canada and Germany rounded out the top five for developed countries.


Meanwhile, Israel and the Slovak Republic topped the rankings for a separate list of the top developing nations offering opportunities for adventure tourism.


The association’s top 10 lists for developed and developing countries can be found below:


Top Developed Countries:

1. Switzerland
2. Iceland
3. New Zealand
4. Canada
5. Germany
6. Sweden
7. Ireland
8. Norway
9. Finland
10. Austria


Top Developing Countries:

1. Israel
2. Slovak Republic
3. Chile
4. Estonia
5. Czech Republic
6. Bulgaria
7. Slovenia
8. Jordan
9. Romania
10. Latvia

Source: The Independent

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