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Three Dishes of Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

This blog post was updated on October 26, 2018.

It is large, multifaceted and incredibly filling. It is no wonder that a city that could be described by these attributes produces a style of pizza that fits this description. Chicago style pizza has received fame around the world, so much so that it is not too uncommon to see deep dish pizza on the menu of a restaurant very far away from the Windy City. This colossal style of pizza is perhaps at its best in the city of its birth. If you are visiting Chicago, you must save room and sample the deep dish pizzas throughout the city. To cut back on those few bad seeds, here are a few tried and tested deep dish staples in Chicago that by no means will leave you hungry.

Pizzeria Uno: To begin your deep dish tour through Chicago, you should start where Chicago style deep dish was born. Pizzeria Uno claims to be the spot where Chicago deep dish began. Ike Sewell developed the style of pizza in 1943. He would open up a restaurant on Ohio and Wabash in downtown Chicago to serve up his buttery crusted pizza filled to the brim with cheese, tomatoes and toppings. Such a pie would require nearly an hour in the oven. Pizzeria Uno still stands in the same location and serves up the same famous deep dish pizza. There is also a Pizzeria Due around the corner to accommodate for the overflow of diners.

Lou Malnati’s: Lou Malnati’s was not the first of Chicago deep dish establishments but owner Lou did learn a thing or two about the style of pizza before opening up his doors in 1971. Lou studied deep dish pizza beginning in the 1940s when he worked at a certain other deep dish pizzeria. He would take those skills and come up with his own creation in the northern suburb of Lincolnwood. Now with 34 locations, Lou Malnati’s has established a reputation for Chicago deep dish. A Lou’s pie comes with that typical buttery and flaky crust and sweet and tangy tomatoes. The Chicago pizza chain still gets its mozzarella from the same small dairy as it has for over 40 years.

Gino’s East: You shouldn’t let the massive line out in front of Gino’s East deter you from sampling this establishment’s take on Chicago deep dish pizza. Gino’s East might be insanely popular, but luckily the line tends to move quickly. What began in 1966 by two taxi drivers and a friend is now a Chicago staple, where a who’s who of celebrities and ordinary travelers have made their way to sample the deep dish pies and sign the walls. You can leave your mark on Gino’s East by signing the walls as many have before you. Each pie is made by hand and piled high with toppings. Gino’s East serves a deep dish with a golden crust and fresh vine ripened tomatoes.

Have you had deep dish pizza in Chicago? What’s your favorite Chicago pie?


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