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Three Best iPhone Apps for Trip Budgeting

This blog post was updated on October 26, 2018.

Trip budgeting can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to do it for an entire family. While you can certainly use a spreadsheet or even the good ol’ pen and paper method, there are a variety of apps that are incredibly helpful for trip budgeting and are, of course, easy to pack and take along with you. All of these apps are helpful for everday budgeting as well, as they tell you how (and how quickly) you are spending your allotted money.  Here are my top three.

Bon Voyage: Travel Budget and Expenses
Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses is an easy-to-use app that allows travelers to customize a budget for each trip (including various elements such as transportation, accomodations, etc.) and track expenditures so that you can easily see if you are sticking to (or going over) your budget. A convenient feature is the receipt tracker; with this app, you can add a photo of reciepts to each logged expense, and create a PDF breakdown of the trip costs.  This app is great for both personal and business travel.

Trail Wallet
Similar to Bon Voyage, Trail Wallet allows users to set a daily budget and track your spending. It’s a good tool to use to track either short term or long term spending (it would be great for people who travel frequently). You can customize your spending categories or use the convenient app presets. Users can input expenses using the local currency and the app will convert it to the traveler’s home currency. Trail Wallet allows users to export expenditure records as a .CVS file or through email (convient for business travelers). The app also has the capacity to  create pie charts to help users visualize their spending.

I find Expenditure to be a particularly useful app for sticking to a budget all the time (not just while traveling). Expenditure allows users to set categories (such as food, lodging, entertainment, etc.) and add expenses to each category (that deduct from the total budget). When adding a new transaction under a certain category, users can  include a photo (of the item itself or of a receipt) or a quick note for their records. The built-in currency converter is perfect for people traveling for business or for pleasure.


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