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The Five “Most Rockin’ Cities” in the United States

This blog post was updated on August 11, 2021., a website that allows people to buy and sell tickets for a number of sporting and music events, recently released a list of what it calls the “most rockin’” cities in the United States.


So what qualifies a city as “rockin’” exactly? The site looked at 2011 ticket sales from concerts and festivals across the United States to come up with a list of the most music-hungry metropolises.


Surprisingly, Hartford, Connecticut took the top honor in 2011 followed closely by more predictable contenders like Boston, Miami, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.


While Hartford might not strike you as a haven for rock and roll, there could be a simple explanation. According to a report from the Las Vegas Sun, Hartford is home to StubHub’s main offices which could have skewed the numbers.


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