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Study Names America’s Manliest Cities

Man up, America! The third annual survey of America’s Manliest Cities was released late this week by Combos (because what’s manlier than a pizza flavored pretzel snack?!)


In putting together the study, researchers looked at a variety of factors, including sports options, availability of “manly” occupations, concentration of “manly” retail stores,  and overall “manly” behavior patterns including hunting and fishing.


Topping the list? Nashville, TN which packed enough testosterone in 2011 to move up three spots since last year. Someone’s been eating their beef jerky! Memphis, located in southwest TN, also made the top 10 coming in at number 4.


Major metropolises didn’t fare so well in the manly poll. Philadelphia finished highest of the big East Coast cities, coming in at number 20, ahead of Chicago (24), Detroit (25), and New York (35). Los Angeles finished all the way at number 50.


Here’s a look at the top 10:

1.    Nashville, TN
2.    Charlotte, NC
3.    Oklahoma City, OK
4.    Memphis, TN
5.    Columbia, SC
6.    Cleveland, OH
7.    Birmingham, AL
8.    Milwaukee, WI
9.    Houston, TX
10.  St. Louis, MO


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