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Snoozing on the Road: Three Apps to Use for a Better Night’s Sleep at Your Hotel

This blog post was updated on October 23, 2018.

It is the rustling of plastic bags from dorm mates. It is the poorly
insulated and sound proofed hotel room. It is the loud location. A
traveler who doesn’t get a good night’s sleep at their hotel, guesthouse
or hostel due to any number of factors can have problematic sightseeing
days. If you aren’t getting solid sleep at your accommodations, you
can’t explore destinations to your full potential. From bed bugs to
simply horrible hotels that you didn’t research properly, there are a
number of apps out there that can prevent a bad night’s sleep at your

Bedbug Registry:
Made by the site of the same name, the Bedbug Registry app makes it
possible to check in with your hotel, bedbug wise. The app holds a
database of user submitted bedbug reports to hotels and apartment
buildings across North America. You can search for bedbug reports by
location. If you meet these pesky travelers along the way, you can also
submit a report of your own to alert future travelers. The bedbug app
comes in handy when you just can’t commit to a hotel. If you find out
one of your options has a recent bedbug problem, you can head for the
other accommodations without an infestation. Bed bugs biting at night
are sure to keep the traveler up at night. The app costs $2.99.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants:
One of the best ways to make a wise decision in your hotel choice is to
consult the reviews of other travelers. TripAdvisor’s app is easily the
most popular and easy way to see over 75 million candid reviews and
opinions by travelers on hotels, restaurants and attractions. Before you
book, you can search your hotel to see if its reviews are favorable.
The app is also useful for seeing what a hotel really looks like by the
many photos uploaded from other travelers. You can also locate the top
reviewed hotels easily through the app. With the knowledge of other
travelers’ experiences, you can avoid those hotels that might keep you
up at night. The TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants app is free.

While you can do everything in your power to book a hotel without bed
bugs or bad reviews, sometimes you just can’t sleep because of the
noises. Loud next-door neighbors or strange hotel creaks can keep you
awake at night. Luckily there is always an app for that. Made by Urban
Apps, Ambiance boasts of being an environment enhancer. It is designed
to create an ambient atmosphere so you can relax and fall asleep. The
app has over 3,500 free sounds. You can create your own personal mix of
soothing rivers or rock-you-to-sleep thunderstorms. Ambiance also has an
alarm and wake up feature where you can set up sounds to wake up to in
your hotel room. It helps eliminate those hotel noises that also make it
hard to sleep. Ambiance costs $2.99.

What apps do you use for a better night’s sleep in hotels?


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