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Shakespeare’s Plays Will Be Performed in 37 Languages Ahead of the London 2012 Olympics

This blog post was updated on October 23, 2018.

Every four years, the Olympics allow the nations of the world to set aside their differences and celebrate internationalism through the world of sport.


In 2012, organizers in London hope to bring that same type of unity to life through the work of William Shakespeare.


Officials from Shakespeare’s Globe have announced plans for a special six-week season ahead of the 2012 Olympics that will feature all of The Bard’s plays performed in 37 different languages.


The performances will bring together theater companies from around the world, including the specially formed South Sudan Theatre Company from the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.


Globe officials say the pricing for the performances will be more affordable than usual so audiences can catch multiple shows. There will even be special price schemes for visitors who wish to take in all 37 one-of-a-kind performances.



Flickr photo credit: Neil Willsey

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