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Saudi Company OKs Construction of World’s Tallest Building at 1 Mile High

This blog post was updated on October 22, 2018.

Kingdom Holding Company, the largest company in Saudi Arabia is set to construct the world’s tallest building that will stand at a staggering 5,280 feet.


The mile-high Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will be nearly double the height of the 2,717-foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai which currently hold’s the “world’s highest” title.


Designed by Adrian Smith, the American architect behind the Burj Khalifa, the tower will reportedly cost $30 billion to construct and feature 12 million cubic feet of space for offices, restaurants, and residential units.


An elevator ride to the top is expected to take nearly 12 minutes.


Source:  All Headline News

Image:  Divine Architect

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