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Take Our ‘Which Seafood Festival Should You Attend?’ Quiz!

Written by Mary Zakheim

If you’re anything like us, you love seafood. In fact, you’ve probably been on the seafood diet for years… You see food and you eat it!

(It’s very effective).

With the 69th annual Maine Lobster Festival gearing up this week, it’s been making us even hungrier than usual, so we’ve cooked up a quiz for you all to take to find out which of the nation’s many seafood festivals you should take a bite out of! From coast to coast, America has some great festivals that sizzle with live music, interactive exhibits and, of course, oodles of the finest seafood!

Where should you be eating your next maritime dish? Tell us in the comments!

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Mary Zakheim

When she is not figuring out what the middle button on her headphones is for, explaining the difference between Washington State and Washington D.C., arriving to the airport too early or refusing to use the Oxford comma, you can usually find Mary in the mountains, at a show or on her couch.

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